Thursday, December 11, 2014

I Have Moved!!

After 9, yes 9 years of blogging here on Blogger, I decided it was finally time for a little upgrade and I am excited to announce that I have now moved!

Don't worry, this site will still be here. I may even post occasionally just to be sure you're still paying attention, but my my site is way bigger and better and much easier to read and navigate. You will love it.

Please visit right now.

Please update your bookmarks, etc.

On the new site, most importantly, you'll find a new home for My Blog. Please check out the current post about how my friends get me through the worst.

An About page.

A Book Club Page dedicated to my book reviews, recommendations and discussion questions about books I've read and loved.

A Recipes Page where I share all the yummy things I cook. Right now I have an amazing cranberry scone recipe up.

A whole page just for Nasty-Assed Recipes.

Writing Tips and Inspiration for Writers.
An easy place to find the books I've written.

A simple way to Contact me.

Don't forget you can still always find me on my Facebook page too where I share articles I've written, new blog posts and general stuff I find and love.

Please be sure to sign up for my Newsletter as well! Sign up form is at the bottom of this video post.

I'm excited to see you at my new home! Please let me know what you think.


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