Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Overheard at the Park - Mary Poppins, Where Are You Edition

It's been a long time since we've had a good "Overheard at the Park" and mostly that's because it's Florida in the summer, meaning that it feels like a wet furnace outside and indoor fun is far more desirable. Once October comes around maybe we'll be more inclined to venture outside more.

But still, the park exists and we still attempt to brave the heat and go and with the park in South Florida, assholes are inevitable.

Case in point:

Three Year Old: Mommy, Mommy! I need to go potty!!

Mother: Honey, please. Mommy is talking, sweetheart. Your nanny will be back from getting my Starbucks in two minutes. Can't you hold it until she gets here?

Three Year Old: But Mommy, I need to pee pee!!

Mother: Sweetie, I told you Nanny will be right back and she can take you.

Yes, folks. There you have it. A mother who cannot even take her own child to the bathroom at the park.

Don't you wish you lived here? And if anyone has the nerve to tell me I'm being judgmental, I'm going to come after you through this computer screen.


angela said...

My favorite here, in LA is when they bring their nanny to the grocery store, why not leave them at home you ask...status symbol. Kind of like their 4000 dollar handbags and 100+ thousand dollar Range Rovers. Then their husbands lose their writing gigs and all the next thing you know they're asking the 40k private schools if they can be put on scholarship to cover the tuition. That of course doesn't stop them from dragging their poor nanny to Whole Foods or driving the Range Rover or eating out three times a week. Ugh. Rant is over.

AliMoonGoddess said...


What was the Mom even doing there anyway? Oh right waiting on her Starbucks!

People just don't even realize how bad they are. They better put aside some cash for that poor kid's therapy.

Wife, Then Mama said...

In her defense (not that she deserves one) park bathrooms are disgusting and I avoid them if possible. They are hardly ever cleaned and never seem to have soap. When the two year old tells me she has to go potty we just head home, even if we just got there. When the four year old has to go, I send her in herself. If I had a nanny (which I don't and never will, for a multitude of reasons) that is one task I would love to delegate: taking small children to public restrooms :) You should do another 70s mom blog. They are pretty much amazing.

Dayna said...

I think I would have said, "Honey I can take you to the restroom since your mommie is to busy".

spookyrach said...

Adding nanny to my list of jobs to take only if I get fired from the strip club and don't qualify for welfare due to a prior felony conviction.

Aim said...

I live in SWFL. This is spot on.

Anonymous said...

Do you even have kids? Your writing is atrocious and your blog designer should be jail.

The Vogels said...

OMG we need to be friends! Okay, I've lived in just four states and now live in the same lunatic bin you do. This is the first time I've stumbled on your blog but not the last!

Anonymous said...

I was a nanny to a divorced couple with 3 children for 2 years (I watched the kids at both their houses depending on whose turn it was with them). They were wonderful people and their kids weren't horrible little demons. They were just single people who worked very demanding jobs (he's a cardiologist and she's an RN) and wanted someone around to be a third parent to their kids when they were at work so they'd know they were safely at school and picked up on time etc. I'm pretty sure neither of them saw having me around 40+ hours a week as a status symbol and they never dragged me along when they ran errands or sent me instead. I may have been more strict with them than their actual parents but probably only because they weren't mine and I wanted them to be better behaved than the children of my friends who act like jerks because their parents are too busy to raise them properly and might actually benefit from a nanny as long as it was done correctly like my experience. They did treat me like I was family though and let me experience parenting without the pregnancy/monetary commitment part so now I know I'll never have as many as 3 kids lol

Kristen, spinning said...

Oh my GOSH this is too funny. I'm in smallish city in Canada where there are the occasional nannies but it isn't as obvious perhaps. This does remind me, though, of how whenever I send my kids to the park by themselves I get a lot of feedback in the form of "Oh? you're here by yourselves? Where is your mother? Do you want me to walk you home?" because as I try to freerange my kids I get a load of feedback on it. Actually this has very little to do with your post but I totally loved your post and felt like I had to say SOMETHING!! (Shouldn't my scattered comment be enough to prove I am not a robot? ;) Oh, and I'm trying to backlash against Anonymous on the internet so my name is Kristen McLeod.

Anonymous said...

Spookyrach gets it!!! More real--and every bit as scarey as Range Rover, Nanny, $4000 handbag crowd! Anybody out there living in the reasonable middle?

Anonymous said...

My husband and I could never have children. We love our nieces, nephews and all of our friends kids and grandkids. This just breaks my heart.

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