Wednesday, June 11, 2014

2014 Summer of Fun Bucket List

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I'm so excited. In a little more than one week, I will be in southern California for a whole month, relaxing, having adventures and enjoying a desperately needed break. It's been a very difficult year and I deserve some fun. Last summer I made a bucket list of all the things I wanted to do during my Summer of Fun, and it worked so well that I wanted to do it again. Summer of Fun - The Sequel has arrived, people.

1. Balboa Island, Ferris wheel, tortilla soup, frozen banana stand.

2. Disneyland. A lot of Disneyland. I want to get my picture taken with Olaf. I want to take my daughter on Peter Pan's Flight and Pirates of the Caribbean for the first time.

3. Sawdust Festival in Laguna. Make some art.

4. Pageant of the Masters.

5. Fish tacos.

6. Tide pools. Shell collecting.

7. Make homemade ice cream with Little Lawns.

8. Fireworks and glow sticks over the Dana Point cliffs by the beach on July 4th.

9. Yoga outside.

10. Coffee on the beach.

11. Paddle boarding in the harbor.

12.  Really good mexican food. 

13. Really good sushi.

14. San Juan Capistrano Mission.

15. Eat at the Crab Cooker in Newport.

16. See someone famous.

17. Lots of BBQs with family.

18. Connect with my in-law family and bond with them.

19. Watch my daughter playing with her cousins.

20. Plant a tree for my daughter at her grandparents' house.

21. Farmer's market and learn about California local produce.

22. Try some good, old fashioned, California, New Age hippie yoga.

23. Sleep with the windows open

24. Enjoy a fire in the fireplace in the middle of summer.

25. Walk off a few pounds.

26. Work on my third book.

27. In 'n' Out and Pinkberry. At least once.

28. Shop at Trader Joe's as often as humanly possible just because I can.

29. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Genmai Cha.

30. KCRW in the car, Sunday morning, oh yeah. I know I can stream it on the computer but somehow it's different when I'm actually there.

31. See a whale, or at least try to. A seal would be good too.

Okay, I already don't want to come home and I'm not even there yet. This is going to be an amazing adventure. I'm not from Orange County, California and I don't know a lot of the exciting things there are to do there so if I am missing something, please let me know in the comments, on Facebook or just email me some ideas.

Also, I am trying to manifest attending one of Jennifer Pastiloff's classes or workshops, so Universe, hope you're listening. Thanks in advance.


JoeinVegas said...

Wait a minute - you live in Florida - water is warmer, beaches are whiter, and Disneyworld?

Aileen said...

Went to LA for first time in May. Amazing, and I luckily did do a few of the things on your list! Hope you enjoy your time there!

Nana said...

Sorry, but it's not whale-watching time. But a harbor cruise is always wonderful. Segway tours available at Balboa (must be 10+, sorry). Balboa Pier still fun (SkeeBall, arcade, etc.)

Joyce Patton said...

If you're here for the OC fair, it's really fun!

Anonymous said...

Go to the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana to see the Chuck Jones (Road Runner) exhibit and have lunch at Tangata.

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