Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Lost Cat

Last night before bed I read the absolute, most darling little book and I had to share it immediately. You have got to get and read this book, especially if you are a cat lover, which I hope you are.

I bought  Lost Cat by Caroline Paul and Wendy MacNaughton based on a Facebook recommendation by Cheryl Strayed, author of Wild. I respect Strayed enormously, and I figured she knew what the hell she was talking about when it came to books and I was not disappointed at all.

Lost Cat is a memoir and a bit of a graphic novel (except that it's true) and it's also very sweet, funny and entirely charming. This is the story of two women who take to tracking their cat's mysterious wanderings through the mean streets of San Francisco with a GPS and a collar camera. They then write about and illustrate his adventures, resulting in the most adorable and uplifting thing I've read in ages. It's a petit-four of a book. I read the whole thing in one sitting before bed last night and I went to bed all cozy and happy. Please, do yourself a great favor and read it.

One caveat. I bought the Kindle version and I have the original, old Kindle so the graphics weren't at their finest on my device. I wish I had bought the hardcover version instead. I find that my Kindle doesn't do pictures justice and the illustrations in this book are fantastic and a large part of the story. 


Liz said...

I've got that problem, too. I've been known to download the PC app for the kindle, just to look at the pictures in color.

JTN said...

saw this and thought of you and your nasty assed recipes..

Anonymous said...

It's kind of funny that her last name is Strayed and she wrote a book about a lost cat, lol...

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