Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Very Short and Terrifying Story

It is 3am, or 4. You are asleep, but you're a light sleeper so you grumble and mumble a little awake when you feel 10 pounds of cat suddenly land on the comforter with a puff and a sigh. Paws step lightly across the bed. You don't open your eyes because you know the cat is coming to sleep on your head like she always does.

Except she doesn't.

You can feel the cat standing on the mattress. You know she is looking at you. You roll over and try to find her so you can give her a gentle push and go back to sleep but your hands fumble around and can't find her so you ignore it.

Then, on the other side of the house you hear frantic howling; crazed middle of the night meows. They are unmistakably your cat's yowls. She does this sometimes and you have no idea why. It's like she's hallucinating. is the meowing coming from down the hall if the cat is in your bed?

And you only have one cat.

So what is in your bed?


John Vinall said...

What? Cats can teleport, you must have found this out by now?


Oh my goodness. That would end my night's sleep for sure!

Anonymous said...

ghost cat!

Living in Muddy Waters said...

I don't think the yeowling was your cat. I think your cat was in your bed. Which begs the question-what was yeowling down the hall?

ash said...

It's a ghost cat visitation. This is a paranormal thing. I've had this happen to me before and it's creepy.
I've had it happen in bed like you have. I've read that it's probably a neurological sleep disorder thing (I have night terrors). But that doesn't quite explain my feeling the cat rub my leg while I'm sitting up in my office chair.

My cat doesn't seem to care that it happens, so it's either me or he's just being a cat.

Anonymous said...

That's just creepy!

Muddy :D I hope all is well...I miss your blog:)

mcgrimus said...

You might have a doppelfeline.

Laurie Conway said...

Coons or possums

Amanda Reed said...

My mom had this happen once and discovered that the neighbor's cat had come through her bedroom window! :D

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