Friday, October 18, 2013

Rejection Week!

So I'm two for two this week. I got two acceptance letters and two rejection letters on pieces I'm trying to have published. One of the rejected pieces has been rejected several times so I'm throwing in the towel and the other one I think is just way too controversial.

That means you all get them here and now. I'm declaring this the Wide Lawns and Narrow Minds Official Rejection Week and I'm posting the pieces here for you all to enjoy for free. If you like them, please share them.


K2 said...

I have over 25 publications at this time. And, I have had at least twice that number of rejections. I write academic articles, but the principles are the same.

Here's my advice:

1) Sometimes pieces that you love aren't ever going to be loved by the editor. Ever. Stop throwing effort and emotion after it.

2) Write every week.

3) The most fun in writing is the planning. Actually writing is painful and uncomfortable. It is no fun. So, when you don't get published, it feels like you sacrificed all of the other fun things in life for nothing. But when it is accepted... few other things in life feel better.

4) Almost everything you write can find a home ... somewhere. But, if you get a reputation for publishing in "garbage" places, then others won't ever look at your work.

I hope this helps.

JoeinVegas said...

Two accepted? Look at those, not the other ones, they were just practice.

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