Friday, September 20, 2013

I Have Actually Manifested Something!

This is the craziest thing. Remember how I am reading that book, E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality, and doing the experiments? Well, the first experiment about the green cars and yellow butterflies definitely worked. Still seeing them EVERYWHERE. Can't stop seeing them now. Then I was supposed to ask the Universe for an unexpected gift. It didn't happen. Until it did. Yesterday, totally out of the blue, totally unexpectedly, I received a package on my doorstep. An old friend of the family, who I haven't seen since I was a toddler, up and sent me a beautiful oil painting of the Main Street in my hometown. Framed. Everything. I couldn't believe it. It's gorgeous and it's definitely aligned with the energy I've been sending out about decorating my home and making it cozier and more polished. I also like all my decorations to hold some meaning and this definitely does.

After that I was supposed to make dowsing rods. Skipped that one. Then I was supposed to telepathically send a message to someone and expect to hear from them. I did that one twice because my first one was really a long shot. Haven't heard from either of them, yet. Maybe my manifesting takes longer or something. I don't know. Te gift was supposed to come in two days but it took a little over two weeks. Maybe in two more weeks I'll hear from my friend.

Next I was supposed to plant some seeds in two pots and one pot I was supposed to send love to and the other one I was supposed to be all hateful and ugly to and I was supposed to observe the growth of each pot to see if my intentions made a difference. I'm a bit stunned at the results, which you can see pictured above. One pot, the sweet one that behaved itself, grew two nice sprouts and the other one, those stupid motherfuckers, didn't grow at all. You think it was a coincidence? It's pretty freaky. For real, man.

In another experiment I was supposed to stop worrying about food and I was supposed to take three days and bless all my meals and ask them to nurture my body and all that stuff and see if I lost weight. I've been on a diet for a month now and I have only lost the initial weight that I gained in Delaware from eating too much peach cobbler, and then it kind of stalled out, so that experiment didn't work. Yet. I keep hoping.  I did, however, graciously bless and thank my mango tree and all of a sudden it started dropping mangoes for me every time I went outside. I'm not kidding. Every time I passed it, PLOP!, a mango would fall for me. I have so many mangoes that I actually sent some to a reader who lives in New York and she decided to reciprocate and send me a box of apples from her tree, so how totally, amazingly cool is that? Lots of abundance. Because of all that, and because my mango tree responded so well by giving me so many mangoes, I then had lots of mangoes to give as gifts, which was so fun because people love getting mangoes and I love seeing how happy they are. I'm putting that experiment on the WIN side.

So that's where I am now. My current experiment, starting today, has me journaling every single positive, beautiful thing that I find all weekend. That should be fun and that's right up my alley and strangely, what my new book is largely about, and you know me, I MAKE things happen. I don't just sit around and passively wait.

This morning, in the drive-thru at Starbucks, I paid for the people behind me again, because they looked sad and were in a shitty car. They had an expensive order too, dang Venti frappucinos, but hey, it feels so cool to do that for someone. You seriously have GOT to try it. Surprising people with free coffee is better than any drug. You will feel high with joy, which, I know, sounds so corny, but try it and you'll see. As I pulled out, I looked back and saw the women getting their free coffees and they looked so confused. Then they were next to me at the light. I was turning left and they were going right, so I looked over and you know what? They both had the biggest smiles on their faces and that made my day. I'm going to be happy all day because of this.

Let's spread the fun. I'm declaring today Give a Stranger a Treat Day, just for the hell of it. Do it and then report back here and tell me all about it.

Love and light and all that super positive, yoga shit, to you all. 

PS. I tried desperately to add these lovely photos and for some reason, my computer hates me and I cannot seem to rotate the photos! The files are right side up on my desktop but for some reason, blogger is turning them around. So, can someone explain to me how to turn them the correct way? And can the rest of you all just turn your heads to see them? This is why I hardly ever attach photos to my posts. It never works!! 

UPDATE! I have reposted the pictures over on my facebook author page, so if you want to see them better and right side up, head on over there and if you haven't "liked" my page yet, please do so, and feel free to leave a comment. As an extra bonus, people who "like" my facebook page are treated to excerpts from my upcoming, new book a few times a week! Plus, a bunch of other stuff that I find exciting and compelling.


Durham Famiy said...

I am DYING laughing about the plants! You may have not sent me mangos or coffee but you just sent me so many endorphins that I can't stop snorting. THANK YOU!

BTW, not only do I see green cars everywhere but I got a green VW Jetta 2 mins after I asked for it!

Unfortunately, no flowers from my husband and the 48 hrs expired last night.

JoeinVegas said...

I was kind of wondering if your friend painted things while laying down, so everything came out sideways.

mcgrim said...

I love reading stuff like this. I think all of your readers should try this and report back. I'll let you know what I manifest.

I've believed in this type of reality creation going on 30 years now, but seldom put it to the test. But this is like having homework---now I gotta try!

Anonymous said...

Found you on Pam Grout's Facebook page. Very funny! But, I am envious of you! I lived in SouthFlorida for 24 years and absolutely loved it! I want to manifest moving back to Florida again!

Anonymous said...

As I was donating an old pillow to the animal shelter today, I saw they were having a low-cost vaccination day. So I gave them $20 for anyone who needed it. My old cat (18.5) doesn't get vaccines anymore, but she brings me so much joy and I want others to be able to have that too, without it being difficult to afford.

Dawn said...

Thank you for introducing me to this book. It seemed to come at just the right time in my life

Jennie said...

I might have to read this book you speak of!

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