Monday, September 23, 2013

Good Things Aplenty

This weekend my E-Squared experiment was simple. Look for good things and note them and see how changing your attitude and looking for the positive instead of the negative will turn your life around and attract more positive things to be grateful for.

Easy Peasy!

I spent Friday afternoon with some friends on the beach. They have a little girl too that Little Lawns is friends with and the girls played beautifully. We came upon a man playing his guitar on some steps on the way to the beach and when he noticed Little Lawns' Bob Marley tee shirt, he started playing "One Love" for her and both little girls started dancing. He even let them strum the guitar. It was a beautiful, beautiful moment. Then the kids made a giant sculpture out of stuff they found on the beach and we played and played in the sand and waves. So much fun.

Husband brought sushi home for me that night along with my favorite pomegranate beer. I don't drink but I like to sip the pomegranate beer.

Saturday morning ballet. Little Lawns LOVES ballet class and she looks so cute in her leotard with her little bun. I could just bite her.

Saturday evening we got a babysitter and had dinner on the water. The food was delicious and we decided to go see a movie for the first time in four years. Not even kidding. FOUR YEARS. We saw The Butler and both of us loved it. Oprah is totally getting a Best Supporting Actress nomination. Great movie. I didn't love the overtly political ending, and the movie could have actually ended about ten minutes sooner, but the rest was excellent. When we got home the babysitter had put Little Lawns to bed and she stayed asleep until 6:30 the next morning. Unbelievable! Naturally, I was ecstatic.

On Saturday I received a huge box of apples from a reader in upstate New York who has an apple tree. I couldn't believe how generous she was to send me all those apples and they were delicious too! There were so many that Sunday morning, I decided to make apple sauce in the crock pot. YUM! My house smelled so good and then my husband made me a batch of his homemade hot sauce, which I LOVE, so I was pretty excited about that. Just had some on eggs and it was spectacular.

My husband and I got into a spat yesterday afternoon but we were able to resolve it and actually have a very loving evening. We even ordered pizza, which was really good and not anywhere close to being on my diet but what the hell, and we wrapped up the night early, so I got to read in bed for a while.

This morning we all woke up in good moods ready to start a new week and I looked at my phone and received a text.

This is going to freak you out.

Remember the experiment where I was supposed to send someone a telepathic message? Remember how I said it didn't work?

The friend I was missing, the one who I sent the message to, who lives all the way in Atlanta and who I haven't talked to in a while, texted me overnight while I was asleep to let me know that she is coming to visit this weekend!!!!!!!!! CAN NOT WAIT. I am so excited to see her.

So that's that. Now I'm trying to manifest some more book sales. Remember, if you are new here or haven't read Amateur Night at the Bubblegum Kittikat, please check it out on Amazon, Nook and iBooks. I think you'll enjoy it and you want to read it before the sequel comes out in a few months.

4 comments: said...

I love that you are sharing your results with the e squared book. I started reading it too a few weeks ago before my kindle stopped charging (again!). I saw the butterflies and oddly colored cars (I picked an orange-yellow color to make it harder). I totally saw that colored car, several of them. And the small gift out of the blue? My uncle called a week ago and offered us a free weekend at one of the Disney Vacation properties this past weekend. I'm excited to try the rest. :)

Anonymous said...

Very inspirational post. Loved it.

Dayna said...

I want to order your book, but I guess I have been too busy.
I am going to order it this week, I PROMISE! (okay I better put a reminder in my phone and write myself a note.

JoeinVegas said...

Beach and ballet? That little one is doing well by you.

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