Thursday, September 05, 2013

A Chester for Me

Ok, so I read a few more chapters on my manifesting book last night (scroll down if you don't know what I'm talking about) and I have two more experiments, one of which involves taking apart two perfectly good clothes hangers and making dowsing rods out of them. Uh, I think I'm good on that one. I don't need to start dowsing or tearing up my hangers. I'll take the author's word for that one.

The next experiment tells you to manifest a material good out of thin air. You're supposed to think of a material, tangible thing that you want and tell the Universe you want it within 48 hours.

This was weirdly hard for me because I couldn't think of anything that I wanted, which I take to be a good thing. The things I seek to manifest aren't exactly material. I want to lose this ten pounds. I want to do harder stuff in yoga. I'd like happier relationships, good sleep, lots of friends and stuff like that. I really, really want to focus on manifesting a lot of sales of my book. I'd also like an agent or a publisher to discover me, read my book and sign me up for a massive book deal and send me off on a really nice book tour.

But I needed to come up with a material thing and I was having the hardest time. I'd like a pair of shiny black Hunter boots (size 7, Universe), but I'm not all that set on them. I have a couple clothing items I might like but I want to lose the weight first. So I was like, ehn, I'm pretty materially satisfied.

Then I remembered what I really wanted. A chest of drawers, aka a bureau depending on where you're from, for my bedroom. I don't have one and I have the perfect spot for one and it would solve a lot of organizational issues in my room and make it look even prettier in there.

Dear Universe, I would really, really like a chest of drawers for my bedroom. I would prefer espresso wood to match my other stuff, but I'm not dead set on that color if something else would match just as well. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Ok, now I guess I will sit back and wait for my chester (as we call it in my family) to arrive.

Maybe I'll ask around. A few months back I found a magnificent shabby chic night table in my neighbor's garbage, which I repurposed and turned into a coffee bar in my dining room and I love that damned thing. Every day I look at it with joy and gratitude. Maybe I should go down to the neighbors and ask them if they have any chester drawers they feel like throwing in the trash. Just kidding.

I could also use a key table for my front entry, so if you all know of anyone who might have a key table or a chest of drawers for me, please let me know. I'll take either. Oh yeah, and the black rain boots. Shoot, I'll take whatever I can manifest. I'm not picky. Last night my husband brought me home a fancy mango and I was tickled to death over it. I decided to count that as my unexpected gift, by the way.  And funniest thing...yesterday afternoon I swear to you, I must have seen 25 green cars in all sorts of wild shades. I think the Universe is totally playing with me over here.

Time starts now. Saturday afternoon I will be decorating my bedroom, hopefully.

PS. If you can't help me manifest some furniture, how about help me manifest some book sales! Amateur Night at the Bubblegum Kittikat by Victoria Fedden, available on Kindle, in paperback at Amazon, on Nook and iBooks too!


mcgrim said...

Don't poo-poo the dowsing rods. When I was younger, my brother fashioned a pair from bike spokes, and the damn things really worked. They could guess heads or tails on a coin hidden under a pillow, find hidden objects, etc. We played around with them for a few weeks until, almost simultaneously, we both felt a strange dullness in the middle of our foreheads. It wasn't a headache, but more like a tired muscle feeling. This scared the shit out of us, so we put the rods away for a while.

Looking back, I guess we had given our third eyes a workout. When we did pick the rods up again, they didn't quite work as well as before, though we did get good results. And we never could guess any lottery numbers.

JoeinVegas said...

We've got an extra Chester, but I think shipping from Vegas to Florida would be more than purchasing one. Sorry. (see, I guess it did come to you, you didn't specify exactly where)

Robin said...

I just received my copy of your book in the mail yesterday! And it only took Amazon a week to process the order so maybe you've sold more then you think and they're just catching up. I can't wait to read it.

Mrs. Gumby said...

So, did the "chester" or the key table show up yet?

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