Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Nasty-Assed Recipes, State Fair Edition

Yesterday we went to the state fair and had a grand time seeing all of the farm animals and agricultural exhibitions and there were several free giveaways. Little Lawns must have grabbed 25 coloring books. Well, they had recipe cards and I found a treasure of unexpected nasty-assery, so I took a bunch and I'm presenting you with the absolute worst of the worst. It's bad, people. I'm warning you. Don't look at this recipe if you have a weak stomach.


FreeDragon said...


Mrs. Gumby said...

I hate lima beans, but even I was crying for the poor things after reading this disgusting recipe! Shudder.

Melanie said...

Um... no thanks... I just ate!

Lisa Horten said...

Nice to know that others find Lima Beans GROSS too

JoeinVegas said...

Mushroom soup, can't go wrong when a casserole has mushroom soup. Unless it's got Cream of Chicken.

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