Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Nasty Assed Recipes - Pop Tart Edition

People are doing terrible things to Pop Tarts these days. I was just perusing Pinterest, looking for some new stuff to cook, and I came across a shocking new trend. As if Pinterest recipes couldn't get any grosser, now people are using Pop Tarts as ingredients. A Pop Tart is not an ingredient! It is a stand alone, fully formed, food-like substance!! They are making cookie bars out of them. They are baking them into brownies. Dear God, what next? A casserole?

Wait, never mind. Of COURSE there's a Pop Tart casserole, and it even involves saltines, which for the love of me, I do not understand. Who in the hell would want to eat something made out of Pop Tarts and saltines? Jesus Christ, people. Just stop. Go eat a bowl of cherries or something. Call a doctor, because if you think that even remotely sounds edible then you surely have serious health problems. And then I scroll down and find that the recipe was posted by a best-selling author!!

Please, please. Leave Pop Tarts alone. Don't put them in brownies, casseroles, milk shakes, cupcakes, snack bars or salads (because I'm sure that's coming next). Just look at what they did with snicker bars.

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Rachel said...

This was served at a bbq I was at with @jdoggny a week ago. He had showed me your pinterest board, and I insisted that this was definitely one for the nasty assed board. Frog eye salad. May God have mercy on us all.


mcgrim said...

I'd rather eat a Pop-Tart lasagna, with Nutella and marshmallows.

JoeinVegas said...

At least the Snickers person used Cool Whip. Everyone knows a casserole is either hot (and made with Campbell's Cream of Mushroom soup) or a cold dessert (and made with Cool Whip and one of the Jello flavors, pudding was acceptable).

Kirby said...

My SIL actually was bringing a salad for a family gather and brought Snicker Salad... my sister and I were speechless.

JTN said...

You must read this blog. She takes nasty assed to a new level by turning her husband into a guinea pig. :)

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