Saturday, June 22, 2013


My husband was making fun of me this morning and he said I needed to write a blog post about some of my quirky obsessions, so I will oblige.

First of all, I need to admit that I have been compulsively checking my book sales, just because I can, but I think that's kind of understandable.

But more than the book sales, I've been checking the progress of my romaine lettuce. Yeah. I'm watching leaves grow. Blame Pinterest for this one. You can actually blame Pinterest for a lot.

You see, I saw on Pinterest that you can actually regrow romaine, green onions, sweet potatoes and celery from kitchen scraps, so I said "NO WAY!" and decided to try it with some romaine the other day after I made a salad. All I did was stick the end of the romaine head into some water on my kitchen window sill. I didn't think it was going to do anything, but I kid you not, within hours, HOURS people, that shit began to grow. And now I am obsessed with noting its progress, which was been impressive. Every few hours I go look at it and it has, in fact, grown more. It's crazy. My husband thinks I'm out of my mind. The green onions are going to be my next project, but I think I will wait until I get home from vacation to start that and the sweet potatoes. Celery isn't happening because I don't really like it unless buffalo sauce and blue cheese are involved and you can't grow those.

But hmm, maybe I could grow buffalo infused celery by putting hot sauce in the water and letting it soak it up into its veins. You think that would work? Can you imagine if it did? I could make millions selling buffalo celery. I am so trying this.


Melanie said...

Back on the farm while I was growing up, my brother told me that he read in a book how to give your pumpkins extra nourishment -- cut a slit in the stem, put a cotton string in there, and put the other end of the string in a bowl of milk.

So I quipped, "Why don't you put some sugar and cinnamon in that milk and have a ready-made pumpkin pie when you pick it?"

(I was reminded of this when I saw your idea for buffalo celery. LOL)

Laurel@Let's Go on a Picnic! said...

You can do it with pineapple too!

kerry said...

I'm doing it with celery. You're absolutely right about how fast these things grow! My celeries popped leaves overnight (I tossed them directly into dirt). Fun to regrow your own food. :)

steph said...

Buffalo celery sounds delicious.
Please try it and let us know if it works.

Like someone already mentioned- this works with pineapples, too. They grow super slow, though.


My book arrives tomorrow-yay! :)

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