Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Summer Bucket List

I'm leaving for my annual summer vacation next week and I am ridiculously excited about it this year because I've decided that I have dealt with enough bullshit this year that I deserve to have some serious fun without having to worry about other people's crap for once in my life. Usually I go in August, but I'm going early this year because I realized that I haven't spent the 4th of July up north since I was a kid and it's more fun up there, plus there are all kinds of family activities going on in July that I don't want to miss.

In the spirit of fun-having, I've come up with a summer bucket list for myself.

My Summer Vacation Bucket List

1. Beach picnic with Little Lawns
2. Build a sandcastle
3. Pick blueberries or peaches or whatever there is to pick
4. Ride boardwalk rides with Little Lawns
5. Play skeeball
6. Eat Dairy Queen sundaes on the hood of the car in the DQ parking lot.
7. Chase fireflies at dusk
8. Do a cannonball
9. Watch fireworks on the green of the state capitol building
10. Sit by a lake and watch the sunset and the swallows swooping
11. Pick wildflowers
12. Hike in the woods by a stream
13. Buy produce at a roadside stand
14. BBQ with my cousins
15. Crab boil
16. Bonfire and smores
17. Play with Sparklers
18. Watch a meteor shower
19. Go crabbing
20. Play with a big beach ball
21. Eat caramel corn on a bench on the boardwalk
22. Write!! Finish my next book!
23. Celebrate with my family
24. Take a ton of gorgeous pictures
25. Go to the zoo
26. Pool party with cousins
27.Go to a museum
28. Visit an aquarium
29. Tour a garden or historic home
30. Get a babysitter and go to Sambo's.
31. Have fun and let it all go.

What's on your summer bucket list this year?


JoeinVegas said...

With that list do you really think you'll have time to finish your next book?

I just want more pool time - it's sitting out there, all warm and inviting and barely used.

jenjellybeans said...

Just reading your list made me feel relaxed.

My list includes:
Camp in the backyard
Build your own sundae bar
Stroll around Como Lake in Minneapolis
Go to the zoo
Backyard water extravaganza (this involves filling the baby pool AND having the sprinkler on at the SAME TIME)

Debbie Davis said...

That's a mighty enthusiastic agenda, V! If I may make a few comments and suggestions from this local girl's lifetime experience (as to those items on your list which I surmise you intend for your Delaware trip), all in the spirit of enhancing your fun, safety and memory-making:

#4 FUNLAND as Rehoboth
They will usually allow an adult ride the Frog Leap with their little one, if you ask. When my granddaughter was a toddler, she insisted I ride beside her. I have to say, the experience made me smile!

#9 JULY 4 at Rehoboth
Awesome fireworks from the beach set off from a barge offshore. You must get to your spot early because this event draws a huge number of people. Drawback: You must have the patience of Job when departing! Park on the north end and plan your escape by parking in a place you can reasonably walk to and from the event. This plan will help avoid getting caught up in the mass exodus. This venue may not be practical for children still taking daytime naps and/or hitting the sheets early at night.

Our woods, wildflower fields, semi-tall grasses, bushes, trees, etc., are rife with ticks ... the typical dog tick AND the deer tick. Be very careful. Wear a hat, long-sleeved shirt and long pants. Check yourself and M. thoroughly after being in these areas. We have found it worse this year than ever.

The Salisbury Zoo has come a long way since my mother took my sister and me to see the very few animal exhibits. I definitely recommend it. The zoo in DC is the best! I personally recommend the Cape May Zoo. Take M. for a ferry ride to Cape May and take the Cape May/Lewes shuttle bus directly to the zoo or into the charming town of Cape May. Call the Terminal for tickets in advance. You may be able to do it online.

There’s no shortage of wonderful museums within 2 hrs of Milford, as you know. I understand there’s a new one in DC - the Holocaust Museum.

I’m sure you’ve already decided on the Baltimore Harbor. A great eating and shopping experience, as well.

I believe the annual tour in Lewes is in late May or early June. C. and I went one year, but stayed so long at a wonderful artisan fair going on that morning, we missed it! Just walking in Lewes is always a treat - both day and night. I’d like to live in that charming little town.

Have a safe trip, and be careful!
Happy trails!

Anonymous said...

I feel kind of creepy, but I'll be up in New Hampshire a leetle after you. Here's to not roasting in that Southern heat!

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