Sunday, June 16, 2013

I Spoke Too Soon

I called it. Several people today have informed me that Yankee Candles does indeed make a bacon scented candle, for the love of God. You can find it here.

And my curiosity got the best of me so I had to google "kale candles." Was I disappointed? Of course not. I called it, folks. Kale candles. And they are $36.00 for a small votive no less. Forty bucks for a candle that smells like farts.

Don't even get me started on the whole "MAN CANDLE" nonsense you see above. I just, don't even have words for whatever moron in marketing came up with that bullshit idea. I hope they got fired. The gender stereotyping annoys me deeply on many levels and what the fuck does a riding mower smell like? Gasoline in my experience. I don't want a gasoline scented candle, thanks. And a football candle? What does that smell like? Leather, BO, and ball sweat? Yeah, I want my house smelling like that. Man Town? Seriously? What the hell is MAN TOWN? What does that smell like? Movie night I imagine smells like pizza, popcorn and beer, which is ok but I don't want to purposely scent my house like that. Oh, wait. Probably because I'm a woman. Yankee Candles, please stick with fruity, perfumy, pastelly smelling things. This was a dreadful idea. 


Nana said...

Last season, "Shark Tank" rich folk funded two men who had a "man-scents" candle company ... and they're making a fortune. Yankee Candle just jumped on the bandwagon. Considering how long bacon smell lasts when I cook some, I suppose I could just fry a piece every morning and leave it sitting on the counter all day. Ugh.

Michelle said...

Scentsy has a line of man scents out too. Leather, Rubber Tire, Cola, Cold Pizza and a few more. I bought them for my teenager who likes his tart warmer. They all stink!

Anonymous said...

If you take a look at the "MMM Bacon" Yankee Candle page, all the reviews of the candle are negative. No one likes it. :)

JoeinVegas said...

I figured a slob's house would basically smell like that anyway, why would they need a candle if there is old pizza and spilled beer around?

Bobbi said...

And these are Man Candles II.
Wonder about Man Candles I.
Crazy town.

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