Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Memoir - An Update

Ok, so I wanted you all to know that I haven't been sitting on my ass staring at TV. I've been working on doing something with my now completed memoir.

Here's the deal. I edited, I sent it off, I queried the living shit out of it and most of the agents never even responded and many sent form rejections and some read it and said it didn't "strike a chord" or some shit and one really liked it and almost took it and her mom loved it too but she said she didn't think she could sell it. But everyone who has read it who has any sense has loved it and has been entertained by it, which was my sole purpose for it anyway. I'm not trying to win a National Book Award over here. I'm just writing about strippers.

I've decided to self publish it.

As much as I want the validation and credibility and all that of traditional publishing, I want people to actually get to read my fucking book and read it now more. So there's that. Traditional publishing just takes way too long if it ever happens at all and the whole thing feels insurmountable and overwhelming and, well, kinda sad to me right now, so I want to take back some of that power. I don't want to query and wait and get rejected and query some more and wait and then if by some miracle an agent signs me then I have to wait for the agent to hear back from publishers and this bullshit can take years already and I'm going to be motherfucking 40 in November.

Dear Publishing Industry, AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!

Not me anyway.

So right now I am working on self-publishing in as uncheesy a way as possible so you all can read my memoir. I'm getting it all nicely ebook formatted and my friend who designed my blog art is working on the cover art and I want to have this ready to go in a month or two.

What do you think about that?     
Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Ok, I've had a bunch of people emailing and twitter messaging me and whatnot, worried about me. To be honest, you all probably had good reason to be worried because a lot of shit has been going down in my life.

I'm back from Delaware and I'm feeling a little better about my life. I truly wish I could write about all of it in wild, exhibitionist style, but I have to respect the personal boundaries and privacy of others in my life sometimes, who don't wish to have their personal business broadcast across the Internet for the sake of my emotional catharsis and your entertainment. Plus, I'd turn into the blogosphere's biggest trainwreck and I'd prefer to avoid that and save all this BS for a future memoir that Oprah would definitely love.

I have been severely depressed. It's mostly situational, caused by events far beyond my control and my anxiety level was through the roof and I really hadn't been functioning, so while I was in Delaware I started on meds again for the first time in 10 years and I had to go through an adjustment period for about a month where it got way worse before it got better. But now it's better! A lot better. And I'm home, doing yoga again, eating well and feeling a lot healthier and more at a place of peace and acceptance about my suck-ass situation and I'm finally getting over a case of bronchitis that has plagued me for two solid months, so I'm thinking maybe things are a little more positive than they were when last I wrote.

Let's hope.

On another sad note, I must report the passing of Bombaclaat, who died while I was out of town. At almost 15, he had FAR outlasted his life expectancy so it was his time to go.


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