Thursday, October 11, 2012

More Yoga Shenanigans

This story, luckily, didn't happen to me, but I had to share it anyway. I'm kind of amazed, but nothing weird has happened to me in yoga in a while, except that one day last week I perfected the pose known as "don'tcrapyourpantsinclassana." It's a really difficult move, let me tell you.

Anyway, this really nice girl I see in class a lot changed before class into her yoga outfit, leaving her sundress, with her other things, in the locker room. After class her dress was gone. She looked everywhere and the only solution was that the dress had been stolen. Her other things were in tact.

A couple days later she sees in the locker room a woman wearing the very same dress, so she goes up to her politely and explains that she was missing her dress and that she thought someone might have taken it by accident, maybe confusing it with their own. She was being very nice about this.

The woman wearing the dress shook her head, smiled and said:

"Oh, yeah. I really liked it. Where'd you get it?" 

Can you imagine??? I'm not sure what happened next, but that's not the point of this story. The point is that this is some hardcore crazy.

The dress thief is very wealthy and sends her two kids to the most expensive private school in town. She can clearly afford her own dress, but even if she were poor, that's still no excuse. And to wear the dress back to the place she stole it from! And to not even try to deny it, but to compliment the woman on the dress, while wearing the dress she stole! My mind cannot even comprehend the madness.

I told you these people were strange.

The other peculiar thing I saw in class was a club kid type who left his very fancy, polished wood and shiny metal, and probably very expensive, headphones on during a hot yoga class. And he wasn't listening to music. He wore them around his neck like a necklace. During a hot yoga class.

People just be nuts, I swear, y'all.


Anonymous said...

He probably didn't want his very expensive headphones to get stolen :)


Diary of Why said...

I don't understand how people wear jewelry in yoga class. Dangling earrings that jam into your head when you lay your head to the side, necklaces that fall into your mouth and bracelets that dig into your wrist in downdog. Rings, and your fingers swell. But people do it, all the time! I would just want to rip it all off me. The headphones sound like the biggest, most obnoxious necklace ever.

Melanie said...

Anonymous at 2:07pm has a good point. LOL!

The rich woman with no shame, who stole that unfortunate girl's dress, reminds me of some of the bat-shit crazy ultra-rich people you used to write about years ago when you worked at the country club. Apparently, in *their* world, they live by a a completely different set of rules than we were taught growing up. But, no matter how wealthy they are, I'd much rather live in my world than theirs. Really.

JoeinVegas said...

He wore the headphones so they wouldn't be stolen - didn't you just say something about theft?

Anonymous said...

There the seed of a good story here!

eRose said...

When I was a freshman in college, one of the girls from my dorm started stealing clothes, cds, makeup, accessories and other items from the rest of us. We confronted her whenever she would wear something of ours, and each time, she would smile and say that it was a gift from her parents. The best was when she showed up in my high school cross country sweatshirt. It had my school name on the front and MY NAME on the back. She still claimed it was a gift. Clearly, she was nuts. I wonder if she now lives in Florida and takes yoga classes....

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