Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Nasty Assed Recipes - Hearty Huh?

This one's for Whiskey Marie. I've never been to the Midwest except for Iowa four years ago, and I don't know a lot about the cuisine other than that it is as well known for nasty-assed recipes as my beloved Dirty South. I think the only difference is that in the South we call it a casserole and in the Midwest they call the same thing "hotdish." That's just because we southerners are fancy and casserole is french. Midwesterners are known for being more practical.

The New York Times doesn't get much into nasty-assed recipes, but this article about the Twin Cities embracing its Nordic heritage mentions something known as Hearty Hodgepodge and as soon as I heard that name, I knew we were in for something absolutely disgusting, so I googled it. Laws a mercy. 

Hearty Hodgepodge is a soup of sorts, made up of other soups and cans of things. Ground beef, a can of minestrone, a can of pork and beans. It's just wrong. I can imagine someone just combining a bunch of cans of stuff out of their pantry one day and heating it up and deciding it was a meal. Here is the recipe, should you be interested in eating such a thing.

Another reader wrote to me recently. She'd been on vacation with some relations in Appalachia who shared their favorite recipe for an abomination called Seven Can Casserole. Again, with a name like that you just know you're in big time trouble. The reader's family's version contains: 3 cans of chicken in water, 2 cans of cream of mushroom soup (naturally), a can of evaporated milk (I may throw up) and a can of chicken lo mein (lo mein comes in cans??). Stir it together and bake. Pray for the salvation of your taste buds. I want to cry just thinking about this. A google search for Seven Can Casserole will turn up many other equally horrifying variations because you can combine seven cans of a lot of different things if you have a good enough imagination and a strong enough stomach.

Dear Lord, deliver us from sodium.

This post is dedicated, with love, to the commenter who called me a snob for posting Nasty-Assed Recipes every week. I'm classist, apparently.


kerry said...

Wow. Those sound awful! I've eaten a lot of hotdish, but nothing like that. Pasta, hamburger, and some sort of sauce, usually either tomato or cream of mushroom, and some way to season it a bit.

Glad to see the nasty recipes making a return here!

Headant said...

I think you need to post them more often!

FreeDragon said...

I love the nasty ass recipes because I often see recipes for the horrid things that used to appear at family reunions.

Anonymous said...

As someone who was raised by Midwesterners, I truly must say that I have never heard of those dishes. But then again, my parents aren't from Minnesota.

madMad said...

Here's the thing about those multi can casseroles - Girl Scouts like to call them "hobo stew" or "campfire casserole" or other cute names. The deal is you brown a pound of ground beef and then add a can of whatever each girl brought - each one is told to bring a can of anything. It can be pretty grim. The thing is it is only possible to eath these dishes if you have spent the day camping outdoors, struggling to light a campfire, and are now minutes from starvation. Then you'll eat anything - and you'll LIKE it!!!!!

Melanie said...

Hearty Hodgepodge has a recipe? A for-real written-down RECIPE? I can't imagine why..... it's just a bunch of leftovers and tin cans that came out of the back of the pantry where all the dusty stuff sits!

Headant said...


When I was in GirlScouts, there were no cans involved in Hobo Stew.

Maria de los Angeles said...

Ah, makes Hamburger Helper sound so classy ...

Anonymous said...

aThanks, guess I did misunderstand. I had PMS too, but no excuses.

My apologies, hope you have a great trip!

--Person who mistakenly called you a snob :)

jenjellybeans said...

As a transplant to Minnesota (from exotic Wisconsin), I refuse to make a hotdish. I actually opened a Cafepress store with t-shirts that read, "I am a hot dish; THAT is a casserole". I'm attempting to change the world one t-shirt at a time.

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