Monday, July 02, 2012

Why Hot Yoga?

I should have answered this in the previous post. Everyone is asking me why it has to be hot yoga. It doesn't. The reason I went to hot yoga is because that place had babysitting and nowhere else in town does. The place with babysitting only has hot yoga.

But now everything has changed because Baby Lawns, in the family tradition, has gotten kicked out of yoga babysitting. It seems she's going through a bad bout of separation anxiety lately and would cry hysterically the entire time I was in class. I thought if she just kept going she'd eventually stop, but she didn't and I was asked not to return, which is understandable and obviously, I don't want to traumatize my child. My parents have agreed to babysit when they can so I can use up the classes in the package I bought.

Does anyone have any wisdom about dealing with toddler separation anxiety? Sometimes if I leave her even with her father or grandparents she still has a fit. I don't know what to do and it's very disheartening to me. I feel like I did something wrong somewhere along the way.


Lauren said...

Not sure about your daughter but my daughter (just about the same age) is suddenly terrified of windshield wipers! No idea where it came from. Maybe this is just an age where they can get fearful? Anyway good luck with yours!

Anonymous said...

You didn't do anything wrong. The world is a big place and she feels safe with Mommy. I'd be more worried if she didn't care. Still, doesn't make going to exercise classes any easier.

Kirby said...

My sister has 5 children and the 2nd had colic and anxiety whenever not being held by his mom - this lasted from six months to about eighteen months, she wore that child in a sling or on a backpack 24 hrs a day and co-slept. No reason, she didn't do anything different with him than the others.

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