Wednesday, June 06, 2012

LA, I Love You

So this is a little experiment post with the iPhone Blogger app which I thought I'd try out to see if it's more convenient and if I can post more while I'm on the go. I'm not big on phone typing but for short posts I can manage it.

This week we're in LA and Orange County, California visiting friends and family and helping a friend film a documentary. Baby Lawns is with us of course and is a pretty tough little traveler. We took her to Disneyland on Monday and pretty much blew her mind. I still can't get that danger Small World song out of my head.

I haven't been to LA in three years and I'd forgotten how much I love it here. This city invigorates and energizes me. I could see myself living here one day at least part time and it has been such a relief to get out of Florida. At home we're stuck in the soup of the rainy season. It's sweltering, humid and overcast which is a miserable combination of conditions, but LA is sunny, cool and dry and all I want to do is sit outside. Funny because at home I never want to do that. I dread going out.

I think that certain places become infused with specific energies as a result of the actions and thoughts of the people who populate them and that we can tap into those energies and feed off of them positively or negatively. LA is a city of artists, dreams, visionaries and it's home to some of the most spectacular creativity on the planet. People come here with aspirations. They have ideas. They build and make real the pictures formed in their heads. LA values imagination and honors people whose greatest joy is playing pretend. People like me aren't considered weird in LA. We're called talent. So when I'm here I thrive off of that energy. It inspires me and encourages me. I feel good in this city.

I could stick around a place like this.


skip 2 colorado said...

Nice to read something good about LA for a change! I'm from Northern CA & used to travel to SoCal every other week for business. Whenever I'd leave, I'd get the same wistful feeling I had when I was a teenager and had to leave a party early. You know you're going home when the party's in full swing.
Glad Baby Lawns got to see the 'original' Happiest Place On Earth!

Anonymous said...

Any news on the other kitty? His time is probably nearly up... I feel bad and hope someone takes him.

Melanie said...

I used to live in California for a short time while growing up. I've wanted to move back there ever since.
Glad you're having a nice time! It's good to get away sometimes, and recharge your batteries.

Elisabeth said...

I'm here in Orange County and from the L.A. beach cities. I love it here and will never leave. It is so refreshing to hear someone from out-of-state say positive stuff and see us for more what we really are. Another aspect of this area I love, and it's truer of LA and the beach cities than the OC, is the laid back attitude. So accepting and minding their own business. Some people, like my father-in-law, don't think there is any culture or positives to living here though. So again, thanks for the positive comments.

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