Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Kitties Need a Home!

My biological father is an asshole. We have established that, yet the things he does never cease to amaze me anew. I continue to be surprised about how deep his idiocy and cruelty go. He is an evil man. Plain and simple. My biological father is a rotten human being.

I suppose it shouldn't shock me that a man who would abandon his own child without a second thought would have no problem abandoning his pets either.

Last year, after the death of his second wife, he quickly met and remarried another woman who is apparently as big of an asshole as he is and as his late wife was too. Assholes find each other and really, the only woman who'd be attracted to him would have to be equally as vile and crazy because a sweet, normal healthy woman would run screaming. It appears that his new wife is manipulative, petty, controlling and bitchy. He likes them that way naturally. Sadly, Wife 3 doesn't like cats. I have few nice things to say about Wife 2, but at least she was a cat person.

My five half siblings grew up with a pair of sweet grey and white tuxedo cats, Bob and Bing, that they loved and bonded with. They have memories with these cats and they are adorable kitties - all cuddly, plush and friendly.

I bet you know what's coming. The new wife doesn't like the cats. He's getting rid of them. Not only that, he wants to have them put down.

Yesterday he decided that he'd had enough of the cats and that he didn't want to pay for their food anymore so he was going to take them to be euthanized. The kids freaked out, of course, and begged for a stay of execution if they could find a home for their beloved pets. They have a week or Bob and Bing are going to a kill shelter, which is I guess better than going to the vet to be murdered, because at least there's a shred of hope, but still. It's horrible. It's hateful and cruel.

Pets are a lifelong commitment. They are members of the family. You can't just decided you don't want them or that they are inconvenient and what this man is doing is cruel to the cats and to his children who love the cats.

The kids are desperate to find a loving home for the cats and I want to help them.

Bob and Bing are brother and sister. They are 8 years old and in perfect health. They'd make a wonderful addition and can be split up, but preferably not.

I am begging you to help me find these innocent kitties a home. 

If you are in the Philadelphia, Delaware, New Jersey area, please, please consider taking these cats. Please post this on Twitter, facebook or on your blogs so that we can reach as many people as possible. We can't let this horrible man win. We have to beat him and show him that he can't let these kitties die and that their lives matter and we have to do it so my five half siblings hearts won't break.

If you or anyone you know are interested in taking Bob and Bing please email me immediately at widelawns@gmail.com. We only have one week to save these cats.


Unknown said...

Getting it out on facebook. Hoping for the best.

Miss Kitty said...

I just Tweeted this. Hope the word will spread. Will also put up an emergency post on my blog.

Can you contact any no-kill shelters in the area? I think CrankyProf (blog = The Transmogrifier Files?) lives up there, and she can give her cat-loving friends a heads-up. If we get the word out to animal rescues, these kitties CAN be fostered and saved. Hell, I guess I could take them if need be. Keep us posted.

Mrs. Gumby said...

It truly amazes me that the man can find a third wife! What on earth are they thinking???

Shaking my head....

Good luck in finding homes for the kitties.

Sundar said...

He's going to rot in hell alright!

TJ said...

Just so you know you are not alone in the horrible father category, let me share a few examples of my father's awful behavior. First, he's been married SEVEN times. He's currently divorced. Never techinally divorced his second wife, went to jail for bigamy after the fifth wife found out. My first awful memory regarding him and animals happened when I was eight. I'm forty-one and remember it perfectly, that's how awful it was. My father had a white German Shepard and a shih-tzu. He and his wife of the moment got and stayed so wasted they never fed the dogs. So, the big dog ate the little dog. When my father discovered what had happened and told me about it, he could not grasp why I was so upset. He said it was no big deal. And to think this guy had a kid. Last terrible story- his last wife had a Bischon they couldn't potty train. He got upset at it one day so he drove it to a local park and just put it out of his car and drove off. He said he figured someone would take it home. He lived not ten miles from me at the time, knows I adore animals and would have taken it. He didn't even consider that option. Too much work for him. I cringe just thinking I am related to him. I hope you can find a wonderful new home for the kitties!

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