Thursday, January 19, 2012

Packing Up

I'm reverse snow-birding it, people. I'm heading to the northeast in the winter, hoping for some snow and I'll likely be gone a month.

Here's the deal: my husband is working in New York now more than he isn't and we are so damned thankful that he has this job, you have no idea. However, it requires that I am alone a lot and I've been getting lonely. My parents are RVing around the country and I can't be all up in my sister's business constantly, so I thought, hmm. I know someone else who is alone in the winter and would love to have me around. MOMMOM! So the baby and I are going to stay with my grandmother in the town that I call Millpond, but which, BIG REVEAL, is actually Milford, Delaware of all places. So I will be in rural, southern Delaware with crappy internet and cell phone service and pretzel salad on menus for an extended period of time. It's about four hours from New York, so this will make it easy to see my husband on the weekends and I think it will work out well for everyone. I can make sure my grandmother is safe and cared for and driven places during the winter when it's hard for her to get around. I can make her healthy meals and make her laugh and she can play with the baby as much as she wants. In return, I get company, help with the baby and precious time spent with people I love that I don't get to see enough and maybe, if I'm very lucky, I will get some snow and Baby Lawns will get to play in it. I will also get Trader Joe's because there's one on the way from the airport.

I'm pretty excited. I also have an air card this trip so we'll see if we can get some internet for me. Last summer I about lost my mind. My grandmother lives so far in the country that her TV doesn't even get good reception because the dang signal is so weak. We have to watch DVDs a lot because of it. Can you even imagine? I don't even want to talk about the lack of Whole Foods on top of that, the closest of which is in Annapolis. But you know what? I will live and I will have a good time. I can eat conventional produce. I can, maybe, do without constant technology. Or not. I don't know.

Next time I write, I'll be up north!


Kerry said...

Travel safe!

Anonymous said...

I hope the new arrangements turn out to be everything you hope they'll be.

By the way, I think it's great that Baby Lawns and Mommom will get to spend a lot of time together.

Upside Down said...

Safe travels! My uncle actually lives I think in Milford but on bay. I believe close to Slaughter Beach? It's been years since I was down there.
You should see some snow. It's supposed to snow up here Saturday of course, the day my husband and I move to our new house in NJ.

Head Ant said...

You don't need the internet to work on that memoir!

Anonymous said...

It's good to hear what you are up to!

I do know what it's like to live in heat and wish for snow so I hope you get your wish.

Travel safe, keep well, enjoy your time there and wishing you and yours all the very best.


Dawn said...

I can't believe Millpond is in Delaware! I always pictured it in Ohio for some reason. Will you be far from Philadelphia?

My happiest memories as a child were spent with my beloved Mom Mom (hence the name of my blog); you are giving Baby Lawns an amazing gift. Enjoy your family!

JoeinVegas said...

Have fun back home

Heather said...

Ahh! I was so close -- I thought it was in Maryland. Poor Delaware, even the people who live right next to it forget it exists (until they get a speeding ticket on 95).

I so love your writing -- I can't wait until I have your book someday.

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