Saturday, October 29, 2011

Writing a Book is Hard

Poor neglected blog.

Writing a book is hard. That must be why I never got very far in my attempts before. Last year I birthed a human being and this year I'm gestating and delivering a memoir.

I've finished over 200 pages now and I'm still going strong. I write when the baby sleeps. I sacrifice my own sleep to write. I write when my husband takes her on walks and to swim lessons. I neglect almost everything else so that I can do nothing but write in my free time. I am absolutely determined that this book must get finished and that it must get published.

In other news, my in-laws have been here for a week. My cousin also came to visit and Baby Lawns, oh my God, turned one. The child is one. She walks and points at things and refuses to eat things just like a real person. She rides a tricycle, cries if the cat hisses at her for no other reason than hurt feelings, laughs at things like my bellybutton and gets very excited when planes fly overhead. She is an actual human being. She likes cheese (well, she is mine after all) and hates even the sight of bananas. Now, she's started getting books off the shelf for me to read to her. I can say "Bring Mama a book from the shelf" and by God she will do it. Craziness.

I know that nearly all children do these things, but still, it amazes me that a wild weekend with my husband resulted in a laughing, ridiculous little person who loves me to read to her and won't stop pulling the cat's tail. Poor kitty. God bless that cat's patience. She has never bitten or attempted to harm the baby in any way. She seems protective of her. The cat follows the baby around the house, staying as close, yet out of reach as possible. Every now and then if Baby Lawns gets too rough Kitty will haul off and whack her across the face, but kitty has no claws so it doesn't hurt.

So that's my life at the moment. We're going to Atlanta next weekend for my birthday and I'm really excited about that. Do I have any Atlanta readers? I'm not sure if I do.

Let me get back to the memoir.

Happy Halloween.


Miss Kitty said...

You have a near-Atlanta reader in me, WL. Small Town, GA is 90 minutes south of the ATL.

Have a fun and safe trip. Glad to know you're still working on your book. My schedule is killing me, and I've not found time so far to work on my novel. Happily, I came up with a solution for the plot problems, so it's not all bad news. But chances are I'll spend Thanksgiving break writing like mad.

Lauren said...

Right there with you. My daughter turned one on the 12th and it's just CRAZY to have a "one year old".... still can't believe it. She also thinks my belly is hilarious, but I can usually get her to show me HER belly and then take the focus off mine lol

Mrs. Gumby said...

Wow! It doesn't seem like Baby Lawns should be a year old already! Time certainly does fly. I'm glad you're enjoying your little "sprout". :-)

Thanks for coming up for air and letting us know you're OK. Now, get back to the memoir, girl.

Brandy said...

So what adorably cute costume will Baby be wearing this year? Is Daddy taking her around or to a mall or party? It's NEVER too early to get her into the social whirl! jk!

You are on a roll, 200 pages is amazing! I look forward to it.

Melanie said...

So glad to get an update from you. Glad things are going well. The book, the baby, etc.

Can't wait until I can hold your memoir in my hot little hands! :)

CCM said...

You have inspired me. I have plans to participate in NaNoWriMo starting November 1. This doesn't include the revising, just getting it down on paper. Mine is a children's novel so I think I can get the bulk of it done in a month.

Can't wait to read your book.

Dawn said...

Thanks for the update! I admire your discipline (even though I'm not alone in missing you here a lot). Good luck!

JTN said...

I don't live in Atlanta, but I did visit there over the summer. The restaurant I loved was Empire State South... great place if you get a chance.

rosie-b said...

Atlanta (suburb) reader here:)! Congrats on surviving the first year of parenthood. They start doing all sorts of things to blow your mind at that age. Too cute. Enjoy every second, it goes fast.

Are you going to take her to the aquarium?

wagthedad said...

Keep going on the book. I can't wait to read it!

Is it just me, or do you hate it when people say that? I wrote a book several years ago and everybody who said that never read it. Shits.

This is not to get you down, but to APPLAUD you for doing totally thankless work. Let me know if you get a book contract so I can stalk you.

That being said, I have to also say that you are very inspiring, mainly because before I didn't know anybody who was writing a book and now I know a few, so, I'm thinking....maybe hack out a good one this time?

wagthedad said...

Dear CCM,

I didn't mean YOU when I wrote that comment. I'm thinking of doing the Nanowrimo thing, too.

JoeinVegas said...

All kids might do those things, but this one is yours.

Anonymous said...

I love your posts about your child and hearing about your discovering how wonderful she is. I don't want kids now and not sure I'll ever want kids enough to actually have/adopt any, but my boyfriend wants 3 (ouch!) and is so wonderful and would make a great dad someday. I think in one of your old entries you mentioned you weren't always sure you wanted kids, but it seems like you're thrilled with your choice and I'm hoping maybe one day I could change and fully embrace motherhood too...

English said...

I love this post. Can't wait for the book!

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