Wednesday, September 07, 2011

I'm Writing Dammit

I wish I had more time. I really do. I have only a very limited block during the afternoons when I can write and I've been using all of my energy up on the book, which is hard. Writing books is hard. I like blogging about a thousand times more. Here's my current mantra:

It doesn't have to be perfect. It just has to be done.

That's what revision is for, except that I hate revising and I feel overwhelmed and weepy at the mere thought of having to revise a large chunk of writing. But I just want a finished first draft of something.

In other news, my child, my God, she's practically a grown woman these days. She walks all over the place and started swimming lessons last weekend because did you know drowning is the leading cause of accidental death for children in Florida?

We have a yard now. Half of one at least. The front half that everyone can see, so that's good and we have a beautiful new driveway which connects to a path that leads straight to my front door. I am in awe of my new driveway. It's that wonderful. Pretty soon we should have a backyard too and I can't wait for that.

Lately I've been getting my shit together. It took almost a year but I feel like my OCD has gone back to sleep and I can act like a normal human being again in regard to the baby. She's a fearless, tough little thing so I worry less and less about her and I've been enjoying showing her the world, rather than protecting her from it. Would you believe we go to the beach now and actually get in the ocean? Yes, with all those sharks and waves and man 'o' wars.

I'm getting it together in a lot of other ways. I finally got the baby a stroller. I childproofed the house and got a sunshade for the car window. I hadn't done any of that stuff, which I know is ridiculous but I was just kind of paralyzed for a while and not understanding exactly which parenting things I needed to do or how to get them all done. I think I'm getting it down now. I think I can do this and it's certainly a lot easier now that she's nearly one.

The book is part of my getting myself back in order too and I apologize for not writing more on here, but I feel like I need to just do this for myself even if nothing ever comes of it. I may never get an agent or a book deal or any of that and if that's the case I promise I'll make the book available to you guys because I know at the very least my blog readers will enjoy it.

So I had better get back to writing it...


A Margarita said...

I can't wait to read it!

Kerry said...

Awesome. I had wondered how things were going with you. :)

Head Ant said...

You can always self-publish!

Anonymous said...

It sounds as though you're doing extremely well and that makes me happy. You now have tremendous confidence in your abilities as a mom, which you are going to need in order to reign in that magical child and keep her safe. Love you lots, d

S. Kim Milk said...

I love reading your posts, but I would personally be pleased as Punch to see you published in an actual book. (It helps that its an interesting topic, and a memoir to boot.)Don't worry about your readers, they can handle a little lax on posting. Especially since you have updated quite often in the past.

Dawn said...

How is it possible Baby Lawns is WALKING? I swear she was born three months ago! Not only is my life zooming by, but yours is, too, apparently.

So happy you're writing, even if it's at the expense of blogging. That said, your blog is still always the first one in a long list which I check every morning. That has to be some indication of a future best seller, no?

Unknown said...

Sad for us that you're writing a book and spending less time blogging. Another favorite blogger of mine decided to Tweet more and has practically given up writing anything more than 140 characters. (Which I don't get, but whatever.) Blogging seems to be the middle-of-the-road type of thing that is great until we gravitate to one end or the other. Good luck with the book and the baby. She sounds like a little sweetheart. :)

Anonymous said...

I just read your comment in my local news blog (NNAV) - the town in which you lived in 1989. I'm a little stung by the way you describe my village, but you may be right after all. I wasn't here in 1989 but, given your age and the year, I have no doubt we have many friends in common. The coincidence for me is I've been reading your blog for years and I had no idea you lived here. Small world.

Turiello's is far better than Tarantula's (ha!). You must at least believe that.


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