Monday, August 01, 2011


I'm in insane vacation mode right now. I'm such an over-packer that it's ridiculous and now I have not only myself to pack for, but a baby and we both need outfits, with accessories, for different events and what if we have something fancy to go to? What if we need extra beach clothes? What if it gets chilly? But wait, what if there's a heat wave? It could happen you know. 

So I pack way too much. I pack stuff I don't even use or need or wear at home, but you never know, I might suddenly need it while I'm away. I tend to look at a suitcase the way many people look at a plate. You know how people fill their plates according to the size of the plate? That's why they say you should always use a small plate, because you'll eat less (that is if you don't pile the food sky high on top of the small plate). Well, I pack according to my suitcase size. It's an empty space and it must be filled to its maximum capacity. It must be filled to the point where both my husband and I need to sit on it at the same time in order to get it to close.

Every time I go on a trip, I tell myself that I don't need to bring so much. I always regret it because then we have to lug a massive suitcase around, and my suitcase really is gigantic, though now it's starting to feel a lot smaller. I pretty much need one of those old time steamer trunks now that I have the baby and all of her gear. I got her a little suitcase, but it's bursting at the zippers too.

I need to stage an intervention with myself. Logically I know that I'm being ridiculous. If I forget something or need something I can just go buy it. It's not like I'm going to be in the wilderness or a third world country. But still, I try to imagine every possible scenario that could occur while I'm away and what I might need in that situation, but I'm out of control. 

I may as well just pack my wedding dress in there too, because you never know. Maybe we'll renew our vows or something. I may as well include it. It's the only thing left hanging in my closet.


Anonymous said...

looks like you'll miss the hurricane! there's a cyclone developing in the atlantic as we speak. you may want to put up your shutters while you're gone.

about the Duggers, did you watch the childrens' wedding? it was very laughable.

Shannon Culver said...

Yay! RSS is working again! Thanks!

Felix said...

WL- I too am in the midst of packing like a total head case. I identify with every single word you've written. God help us. How many outfits does one actually need for a beach vacation? This question is not rhetorical. I'm seriously asking so I have a quick reply for when my husband asks me this later while lugging my suitcase to the car.

Have fun on your trip! Relax, have cocktails. Oooh, I should bring a dress for cocktails too... Gotta go write that down.

Miss Kitty said...

LOL! WL, you and I are sisters in packing too much. Hope y'all have a nice time on vacation. And if there's any drama, I hope you're only an onlooker and not personally involved.

Hugs to you, Mr. Lawns, Baby Lawns, and all the Lawns pets.

JoeinVegas said...

We did a Rick Steve's vacation to Europe once, nothing but backpacks for a month driving around France. It worked out very well, but we continue to pack too much for local trips anyway.

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