Tuesday, August 02, 2011


For the past month I've been having major issues with my feed. My blog wasn't showing up in readers, the RSS was broken and I lost more than half of my traffic. It was awful.

Through much diligence on my part, pathetic, Luddite me, so technologically uninclined, managed to fix the problem. I did it all by myself, which is nothing short of a miracle and involved a whole lot of googling and a weird bit of divine intervention yesterday where I found a random post on twitter that led me to a blog that led me to another blog where I found a link and well, it's just too freaky to try to explain. But the problem is FIXED. Hooray!!

So here's the deal for people who didn't know the feed was broken and thought I'd disappeared. There's a whole lot of reading material you've missed out on - more than a month's worth. The way I've fixed the problem is by only allowing three posts at a time in a feed, so you're only getting three new ones in your readers now. There are way more. You'll have to actually type in widelawns.com (I know, so hard to do, right?) and go back and read the July archives. Let me know if you have any continuing problems with the feed and give me some comment love. I've been terribly lonely the past month. I've missed about 816 of you.


Head Ant said...

Now for feed by email!

Robin said...

YAY!!! I've been finding you still because I was highly suspicious of your lack of posts so I checked on my own but YAY!! Especially since you fixed it on your own.

Jenny @ Fondant is Gross said...

So glad to know, I missed your writing. You are such a talented author. And I love your stories. Even the sad ones are so poignantly written that I can't help absorbing everything!

Miss Kitty said...

Luckily, WL, your new posts have been showing up regularly in my Blogger "Following" feature. Thanks for letting everyone know the RSS issue is fixed!

sha said...

HOORAY! However, I must thank you for letting us know via Twitter feed when there was a new post. :)

wagthedad said...

Since I just visit the old fashioned way, via a link from my blog, I hadn't noticed. Sorry you feel lonely, and congratulations on fixing the RSS on your own.

Mine had a problem as well recently, and it is SUCH a bitch to fix that stuff when you don't know what you're doing.

And all the more reason to get really drunk and smoke a lot when you DO actually solve the problem.

Carry on.

Dawn said...

Happily, I've been following through Twitter links and hopefully not missed anything. I am mightily impressed that you figured out how to fix this, fellow Luddite that I am.

A said...

Luckily I had time on the drive down to Florida (from Ohio) last week to go back and read your posts. :) I was getting really antsy not being able to read you in my Google feed...lunchtime at work is the only time I ever have to catch up on the blogs I like to read and they block blog sites so I have to read them through my reader. Thanks for finding a fix - now I'll just have to make sure I don't let more than 3 go by me! :)

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