Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wide Lawns' Favorite Things for Summer

Lollia In Love No. 9 Classic Petal 4.0 oz Shea Butter Hand Cream
My sister got my mom this Lollia Classic Petal hand lotion and perfume for Mother's Day and every change I get I go up into her bathroom and steal a little dab of it. It smells a bit like Clinique's Happy, but with a hint more sandalwood and it's just heaven. Dear Husband, please buy me this along with the perfume. Thank you.
 I recently had this Dole Watermelon Sensation at a birthday party where I was stuck out in the hot sun with no shade and it was the most refreshing thing I've ever drank. It's very sweet, but I make the perfect summer drink out of it by mixing it with lime seltzer and several squeezes of fresh lime. It also makes fantastic margaritas that go quite nicely with fish tacos. Best part? It's at the grocery store and easy to find.

This is my new bathing suit and I love it. It makes me feel better about wearing a one piece and it has a cute retro feel that I think fits my look and personality. It looks better in real life and also comes with straps, which I use in order to avoid boob fall-out. You can get it at Target or order it here.

A couple weeks ago my husband brought me home a pair of Okabashi flip flops from Whole Foods. They are the absolute most comfortable flip flops I have ever slid over my toes period. Love them and they are made from all recycled materials, come in all kinds of cute colors (mine are lavender), are vanilla scented and can be washed right in the dishwasher. Love, love, love them. You can buy them at Whole Foods like we did or online here.

So You Think You Can Dance is back on and I look forward to that every summer. It's definitely one of my favorite things for summer and I'm pretty much obsessed. Thank God for DVR because if anyone bothered me on Wednesday or Thursday nights while the show was on, I'd be livid.


My friend lent me a bottle of Sally Hansen's Insta-Dry polish recently because my toes looked like I'd spent my life working the fields without shoes or running water in my life. I don't have time to go get pedicures anymore and it seems so frivolous to ask someone to babysit so I can get my nails done. I'm also super impatient. I can't stand waiting for the polish to dry and then I fidget and mess it all up. I've found the solution and here it is. A lot of times products make promises and then disappoint, but this stuff is for real. I used it and it really did dry within a couple minutes, which made it so easy for me because I can paint my toes while Baby naps and they're dry and I can get on with my life. I loved this stuff so much I bought several colors and now my feet look halfway decent again. I bought mine at Target but they sell it at all the drug stores too.

Mason Jars always remind me of summer too. I guess this is because Up North, people harvest and can fresh fruits and veggies from their gardens all summer. Mason Jars are the best and I always have a bunch of them on hand. You can use them for everything. They're great for storage because bugs can't get under the sealed lid and they don't make your food taste like icky plastic. I like to use them to transport liquids like salad dressings, soups etc. because they won't leak and I've been known to also use a Mason Jar as a drinking glass. Summer bouquets looks whimsical and unfussy in them too and you can make a cute centerpiece if you fill the jars with a little sand, a couple shells and a white candle. Love Mason Jars. They're cheap, pretty and old-fashioned. Get them at the grocery store. My store keeps them in the canned fruit aisle.

Some of my other favorite summer items are:

Mangoes! I know, I'm mango obsessed but it's just not summer without them. Try them in salads or in black bean mango salsa. One of my favorite books of all time is Eat Mangoes Naked by Sark. I've yet to try that activity but maybe I should put it on my to do list for some night once the baby is in bed.

Drink Fridges! I got my husband a special little fridge, like the ones kids use in their dorm rooms, for his birthday at the end of April. I have to confess that this was one of those gifts that was just as much for me. I got ours at Costco for about a hundred dollars. Now this may seem frivolous, but I'm telling you, it was worth every cent. We fill it up with all kinds of good things to drink and the big fridge still has room for things like mango salsa. We have a good time finding all kinds of new things to keep us hydrated. My husband is on a Vita Coco kick at the moment, but I don't like it. I'm more of a tea girl.

Old Navy Bermudas! I bought them in every color. They're cheap, fit well and match everything. They've become my summer uniform  and I especially like that they come out of the dryer without needing to be ironed. Buy them online here or just go to your closest Old Navy.

That's my list so far, although once I publish this I'll come up with thirty-five other things I love just as much. Just so you know, no one contacted me and asked me to advertise any of these products and I'm not compensated, except from Amazon Associates. These are all things that I sincerely love and I just created this post for fun and because I have delusions of Oprah-ness. If you guys like this, I'll do one for every season.

Please share some of your favorite things for summer too so we can try them out.


Melanie said...

My favorite thing for summer: Banana Boat's "Aloe After Sun" Moisturizing Lotion with pure aloe vera and vitamin E.

Ultra soothing for sunburned skin.

Actually, I have to admit that it's not JUST good for summer. It's also great for dry skin in the winter; I always make sure to stock up in the summer while it's on the store shelves, so that I can slather it on all winter long as well.

BTW, I loved this post! Thank you for sharing -- I'm definitely going to try the watermelon drink recipe that you suggested.

Erica said...

Hmm let's see:

Softball - I'm playing in a community league and even though I am NOT athletically inclined at all it's really fun and a great excuse to get out two days a week

And because of softball I have discovered this:

Sorry I stink at coding, so I had to put the full link up. Anyways, it is a hand-held bug zapper tennis racquet! 3000 Volts of the best toy you have ever played with.

Whiskeymarie said...

For me?
*Rhubarb- I know it's a northern US thing, but I love love love the stuff, in any form.
*Gardening- watching my plants go from scraggly to lush & jungle-like is never boring to me.
*Patio drinking/dining
*Aveda firming toner & Garnier pro-retinol eye roller (I get puffy from the heat)
*Abundant local fruit & veggies!
*I love winter, but I don't miss the "so cold your lady-bits freeze" weather in the summer.

And finally?
*Skinny dipping

Donna said...

One small problem - your mason jar picture is actually a Ball Jar. Same idea, different company. And, a far superior product, says this proud graduate of BALL STATE University.

Handy Man, Crafty Woman said...

Delusions of Oprah-ness, lol!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to pop in and say, I went out and bought the nail polish on your recommendation. I LOVE it, it is great. I have girly nails again! I just wish it came in more colors. Thank you for bringing it to my attention!

Gina said...

I love the watermelon juice - but I think I am the only one at my store who buys it because they don't get it in enough. It makes great popsicles.

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