Monday, June 27, 2011

Recurring Dreams

Last week I had the strangest dream where all of my thoughts appeared in scrolling text across my back, as if my skin were a teleprompter. I had no privacy at all, and if anyone wanted to know what I was thinking all they had to do was pull up my shirt and start reading. I remember feeling that the words were impossible to control - that it was impossible for me to lie and that no matter what I thought, the words just kept coming. At one point in the dream my friend's boyfriend cracked my back and my friend got jealous and demanded to see my back to see if I had designs on her boyfriend or if I just needed a chiropractic adjustment. She was satisfied when she saw the words "wow my back really hurt, thank goodness John cracked it for me. I can't believe she thinks I'm attracted to him."

After that I dreamt that my cat came in from outside having caught a live monkey in the yard. She brought the monkey in the house where it proceeded to wreak havoc. It was a nightmare obviously.

These dreams showed a rare creativity as far as my nighttime imaginings go. Normally my brain just recycles the same few story lines every time I go to sleep. Being an imaginative person, I've always wondered why this was because you'd think I'd have a whole scope of exciting images and ideas from which to glean dreams, right? Maybe I use up my creativity in my waking hours so when I'm asleep my brain just rehashes the same blah blah from my subconscious. Perhaps I'm trying to work through some issues and until I do the recurring dreams won't end.

My sister and I both share the dream where we have to go back to school. For me sometimes it's high school, but often it's college. There's been a mistake and the university is revoking my degree for some reason. I usually find out that I have to go back and retake several math classes in order to get my degree back. Other times they want me to finish high school before I can have my degree again and that means that I have to go for the whole four years. Many times, I'll find myself in class with a big paper due that I haven't completed and the feeling is terrible.

A lot of people have the tornado dream. I have this one fairly often. A tornado is coming. I'm trying to get away from it. Sometimes it also manifests as the tsunami dream or the hurricane dream, but it's always the same plot. It's coming. I'm running. Many of my dreams contain disturbing images of waves so towering that if I watch those extreme surfing shows or even Deadliest Catch on TV, I get scared.

My other recurring dream drives me crazy. It's always Christmas Eve and I'm frantic because, well, it's Christmas Eve and no one has done anything to prepare. There's no tree, no food, no presents, nothing and I'm scrambling to try to make Christmas for my family so the holiday isn't ruined. Often in this dream I'm running to the store trying to get there before it closes and I find there's no food or presents left on the shelves and I wake up feeling like an utter failure with a profound sense of sorrow and regret. I once asked a friend of mine who is into dream interpretation about this dream and he said it sounds like I'm disappointed in something.

I don't know though. What does it all mean? Does anyone else have the same dreams over and over?


Liz said...

I have the Christmas Eve dream too! Usually it's the day OF extended-family Christmas and I haven't gotten any gifts. So, I'm scrounging around my childhood bedroom looking for stuff to wrap the recipients might like.

And last year? My cousin was late to extended-family Christmas because she had to hit Walmart en-route to get gifts! Like my worst nightmare is just life for her. (Place where she was working was closing and that was their last day so she'd just got her last paycheck. But STILL)

Kerry said...

A lot of that sounds like you're working to process anxiety, and it doesn't have a particular focus, so it finds expression in several different situations.

Maybe you do need to process something.

I've been having nastier dreams lately and I'm trying to find the reason (other than the one day I about wanted to strangle my husband). I don't often have recurring dreams, other than being in the theaters where I work.

I hope your dreams settle down and you have some fun ones!

Gina said...

I have the Christmas dream - only for me, I wake up on Christmas morning and I have no gifts for the kids. I usually only have it around Christmas, when I am feeling overwhelmed.

I also have recurring dreams that aren't the dream that is the same, but the location - I have a whole dream town/city with schools, a college, a park, an amusement park, highways, a mall, etc. I have tons of dreams that happen in this city and it is always the same - as if it were a real place that I have been.

Cassandra said...

I've had a tidal wave dream a few times but in my dream I know that death is inevitable and I don't run. Instead in one I was searching for my youngest daughter to tell her I loved her before we both died and in another I was with my Mom and we were both like "well this figures" and we said our 'I love you's and I woke up enough to change the dream so that we would survive.

I'm not sure if this means I'm not afraid of death or just that I'm odd.

Anonymous said...

Theres a lot of themes about control and anxiety in your dreams. Wanting to be in control but everything around you is completely out of control?

And the words may have something to do with feeling exposed, or you are giving too much of yourself away perhaps? And/or that you feel as though what you write or say may have a negative impact on your relationships with people.

Recurring dreams are dreadful, but I think that dreams are usually a good indicator of your wants and desires or things you need to address and deal with, in life or within yourself. I do hope that your dreams return to something more pleasant soon though.

Spirit Guide Convos said...

I have the same two recurring dreams for YEARS!

The first is about my teeth - they are either falling out in bunches, crumbling in my mouth or my gums are growing over them. I haven't had this one in a while, though.

The other dream, that I still have fairly often is losing my car. I go somewhere and when I come out, the car is gone and the rest of the dream I am in a total panic, looking for it.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, I have had the same nightmare-about having to go back to high school or college, too! that's too funny!

Ciarra said...

I have school dreams. Not so much that I was sent back to school, but just that I am in school again. Sometimes I realize that I'm sitting at my desk naked and I freak out. Other times I dream that I'm frantically trying to open my locker and I can't remember the combination.

I also have tsunami-type dreams that involve towering gigantic waves. Sometimes I am running along a craggy beach and the wave is coming, so I scramble up a the cliff to try to avoid it. Other times I'm boogie boarding and I'm teetering on the very top of the crest of a gigantic wave, looking down at the breach, freaked out that at any second the wave will crash and I'll be tumbled under.

I also have dreams where I'm breathing under water. I'll go for a swim and then realize I can breathe, like I have gills. And I'm swimming along colorful coral and fish and it's all very tropical.

It's been awhile but I also dream that I can fly, just by using my mind. I'll take a running leap and then just glide up, however high and fast that my mind makes me go.

Kerry said...

@spirit guide convos:

I've heard it said that dreams about losing your teeth have to do with personal power, capacity to make things change. Don't know about the gums growing over the teeth; sounds like what would happen if you hold yourself back when you know it's right to do something.

Anonymous said...

I have travelling dreams - always in lovely hotels... gorgeous rooms with views to die for. I think I take mini vacations at night.


greyspasm said...

I've had the school dream quite a few times, but not so much lately since it's been ages since I was in a classroom. Usually there's a test, and of course this surprises me, and I can't get the text on the page in focus. Reading in dreams is hard!

It's funny that you write this, because I had some really bizarre dreams Sunday night. I had to drive some work friends somewhere after work, and I had some anxiety about getting there. Then of course I lost my car, and Tina Fey(!) helped me get a ride from some cops. At one point I was in a small amusement park, and these alien-type creatures were in the lead cars of some younger-child rides. They were supposed to be inanimate, but every so often they would turn to me and their faces would morph into grotesque visages.

Told you they were bizarre!

sadi said...

I have flying dreams a lot. I love those. I feel so free, and I'm not afraid.

My bad dreams are usually me in my home and someone or something is there, and I know it's a dream but I can't wake up. Or I keep waking up in my dream, and it's not a dream. Very scary when I actually wake up.

Anonymous said...

I always have the same dream when I'm sick with a fever.
Things - this is the only part that varies, and it has been anything from inanimate objects to animals - start falling all around me and they keep falling faster and faster. Then they are going so fast that I wake up and find that my fever has finally broke. So weird...

Anonymous said...

I have had the teeth falling out dream several times. I've also had the missed a class in school because I'm lata nad missed a major test dream.

Here's a cool Web site that has lots of interpretations for really obscure things:

Anonymous said...

I usually have the school panic "dream" in waking moments, although I haven't been a student in over a decade. I don't so much have recurring dreams, but the location (which isn't real life) often recurs and is familiar to me now.

One Mean MFA said...

I used to have a recurring dream where I was at train station with my parents and sister. I had my favorite doll with me. My parents would get on the train with my sister and leave me. A hundred years would pass and I was this old lady with a doll waiting. Horrible. Especially for a child of 5.

Now, I dream in science fiction. Strangly enough, I don't read that much science fiction and and I don't really watch much sci-fi either. I can't understand it. All the weird worlds, the dystopia. Yikes. Maybe it's my obsession with politics. It makes me wonder if I'm supposed to write a sci-fi novel. I'm pretty sure that would be a big fat disaster.

Do you own a dream dictionary? There are so many really good ones out there that combine different theories of dream analysis. If you don't have one, you should check them out. There are tons at Barnes and Noble, and I bet you can download them onto your Kindle.

I love talking dreams. Holy Moly.

Robin in Ohio said...

my husband and I are both 50 and we STILL have the dreams about missing college classes!! Nothing like that panic-y feeling of trying to find a class you haven't even been to, but still have to take a big midterm for it!! Arrgghhh!

Green said...

The first dream means you are worried that people can see what you're not saying to them.

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