Monday, June 13, 2011

In My Head

I am eating a grilled cheese and watching Inside Edition right now, which is great considering that I was just the sickest I have ever been in my entire life. Sometimes when I've been sick and then I get better I can feel the better in opposition to the sick. Usually the better is the default and you don't feel it, but when you've felt awful, truly terrible for a week and then you no longer feel that way, you are conscious of it and it feels wonderful. I want to go shout to the world that I am no longer sick and then dance down the street kicking my heels together.

Hey, guess what? I'm not sick anymore!

Last week I thought I had a cold. This is how I am. I thought I had a bad cold and was being a complainer. Because I'm scared of being called a drama queen, as that is the role my family assigned to me as a child (she's the dramatic one), I feel like I'm constantly downplaying symptoms. I kept telling myself that I was being ridiculous and maybe it was all in my head. It was just a bad cold, but it kept getting worse and worse and my fever kept shooting higher. I went to the doctor and turned out I had an infection. Long story short, it didn't get better, the doctor didn't have any experience with nursing mothers and was hesitant to prescribe anything and I ended up in the ER with a doctor who had his act together and knew what I needed. I ended up having had an ear infection that had spread into my throat and sinuses. Since I never had an ear infection, I didn't know what one felt like and thus didn't recognize what was happening to me until bacteria had gone hog wild in my head. A Z-Pack and a cycle of prednisone later and I am a whole new person. Yay. Funny thing is that in the end it WAS all in my head - my whole head was infected.

Being that sick, like flat on your ass sick, with a baby to care for is really hard and really scary. My husband had to take a day off of work. My mom helped me out a lot and my friend dropped everything she was doing and came over to babysit all day when my husband had to go back to work another day. My sister made me food and brought it over and my parents brought me take out soup. My husband was incredible on baby/sick duty and brought me many a much needed glass of icy 7-Up. He picked up prescriptions and smoothies and made things a lot easier on me.

I just felt so lucky to have so many people ready and able to help me when I needed it. I don't know what I would have done without this kind of a support system and I swear I don't know how people raise kids without any help. I don't see how it's even possible.

So now that I'm on the mend, we've decided to hire a nanny two days a week for a couple hours to help me out around the house so that I can get some writing done and get my writing career back on track. I'm not going to teach again, at least not for a long while, but I have to write and I'm not willing to lose my momentum. I may be a mother now but I'm a writer too and I miss being able to be creative and to make my own money. I'm currently also doing some side work as a writing coach, which I love, so if you or anyone you know are interested in my services there, just email me and we can work something out as I do it through email.

The Nanny Search of 2011 has just begun and we've only had one interview so far with a shy college student who was so stunningly beautiful that I asked her if she was interested in show business. I'm serious, she looked like a movie star. At the very least she should go to Disney World and try out for the part of Cinderella because that's who she looked like. I liked her, but I felt she was too awkward with Baby Lawns and a little hesitant. Baby Lawns needs someone more experienced with babies and more willing to get a little crazy playing. That's mainly what I need - someone to play with Baby Lawns while I work close by and can jump in if she gets fussy or needs to nurse or whatever. It's an easy job and the nanny will never be alone with the baby without me there. I'm willing to let someone play with her, but not be alone with her. Baby Lawns can only be alone with family members and yes, I may be over protective, but that is a luxury I am afforded and well, I just love my baby and hate being away from her. Right now my husband has her off on a walk and I'm already missing both of them.

Ok, so get this, I get some serious yuppie earth mother points here and I am incredibly proud. I made Baby Lawns baby food out of mangoes grown in my own backyard. How cool is that? It was so good that I ate a bunch of it. You gotta love mango season and it's in full swing right now. I am crazy about mangoes and this year's crop was nice and sweet. Last year the mangoes in my yard never got ripe, but this year they're perfect. I have an old lady named Mabel who is 93 living behind me. She has a 50 year old mango tree and she says her mangoes are a species called the pineapple mango, which I've never heard of and she gave me and my sister like ten of them to try. Wow. First off they were the size of footballs and they were candy sweet and, well, they tasted like pineapple. Actually, they tasted like a pineapple dum-dum lollipop and those were always my favorite flavor, so you can well imagine how happy the pineapple mangoes made me. 

The huge neighborhood news concerns the House Across the Street. You know that house? I've been talking about that house for going on four or five years now. The mega-mansion that sits vacant across from my parents' house? Ok, so all the neighbors are abuzz that Jason Derulo is buying it and moving in it with his parents and readers, this must happen. It simply must. The only famous person we have in the neighborhood now is some roided out, disgraced baseball player no one knows. We need a young pop star who feels the need to include his name at the beginning of every song he sings. Why does he do that anyway? Is there some confusion as to who sings these songs? Is he afraid we'll think, god forbid, that it's someone else's autotuned voice we're hearing? I swear to you, if he moves in across the street and I meet him that is the first thing I'm asking him. Why Jason? Why do you sing your name? I wonder if he does that when he meets someone new. I wonder if maybe I should use the autotune iPhone app and record myself saying my name and use that to introduce myself to him. Dare me?

So that's what's up with me. I'm not yet 100% better so I apologize for not writing a proper story. I should be up for that in couple days. In the meantime, get your requests in. Anything you want me to write about? Questions? Concerns? Let me know. Someone asked me an interesting question about education in Florida and I fully intend to answer that very soon.

Hope you are all well and don't have any ear infections, because wow that hurt and was unpleasant. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.


Head Ant said...

I actually went to the ER a few months ago because I thought I had an ear infection. I would have gone to Urgent Care; but the next day was Mardi Gras so they would have been closed. My ear was hurting worse than it has ever hurt before. But my ear wasn't infected; the doctor made me feel like it was all in my head. I did get antibiotics and pain medication which actually made me feel worse.

jennifer said...

ouch! I had tons of ear infections as a child. Seriously OUCH. I remember running down the hall screaming it hurt so bad when i was little.

Green said...

I am both very sorry you were sick and very glad you are better now. It is great you had people around to pitch in and help.

As someone who's nannied and babysat it's a thousand times harder when the parent is there. If you're not ready to leave your baby then that's your call of course, and you're absolutely entitled to feel however you feel in that regard. I just want you to know, from the nanny/ babysitter's POV, it's really frustrating for the parent to be there. You think you're "helping." The nanny feels that you're constantly critiquing them and undermining their authority and ability to do their job. This is not just me, not just from one bad experience. This is very, very typical. Even when you have the best intentions. Please just be aware of this going into it.

Anonymous said...

You should write something about Mormons. Or a serious topic like self-injury.

Carol in SC said...

I know what you mean about feeling normal after being sick. Normal=ecstasy. How is Canela? Is she still an inside/outside kitty?

Kerry said...

Glad the ER doc helped you!

Good luck on your nanny search. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm with Green. You've got to let the nanny do her job. Once you are comfortable with the nanny, you need to at least stay in a different room. Remember that the point of the thing is to allow you to work.

When I have extra free time that overlaps with the nanny, I either get totally out of the way or take over playing with my son. If the latter, the nanny uses the time to clean up his stuff or prepare food or something. If we are outside, she essentially gets a paid break. The point is that I'm not hovering over her, either I'm in charge or she is.

Terminal Degree said...

I am getting so tired of doctors who seem to think that nursing mothers are alien freaks. Are we really all that uncommon that MDs don't know what to do with us? Is "providing medical care for nursing moms" not covered in med school?

At any rate, glad you are feeling better. :)

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