Sunday, May 01, 2011

The Return of Chocolate

Remember how I gave up chocolate for Lent? I almost did it for the whole 40 days but on the Wednesday before Easter I had a total breakdown of self control when I saw a chocolate covered butterscotch from Sees Candy in my waiting Easter basket. I momentarily forgot my chocolate fast and ate it. It was only a small amount, but still. I am a deeply flawed human being and weak willed I suppose.

In any event, that was about all the chocolate I had. I imagined a big chocolate frenzy on Easter but it didn't happen. For one thing, we didn't have chocolate desserts at our friends' house where we went (my family doesn't celebrate Easter because of the Passover overlap). I brought a coconut cake and that satisfied my sweet tooth enough that I didn't have a taste for candy. Imagine that. 

And every day since? Nothing. I bought some frozen fudge bars and nary a craving. It's like all that giving up of chocolate made me stop wanting it forever. It no longer seems as important as it once did, like I don't even think about it anymore. Weird, huh?

I have this poor chocolate bunny sitting in my fridge looking very angry (why does this chocolate bunny have such a sullen expression?). Every day I toy with the idea of eating him, but I think I've anthropomorphized him so much that it seems cruel to eat him. That damned chocolate bunny is going to turn me into a vegetarian if I keep thinking about it, so I probably should stop thinking about it and just bite his head off before he becomes a permanent fixture in there with the iced tea and almond milk. 

One of my other motives in the whole giving up chocolate thing was that I was hoping it would help me lose some more baby weight. I lost weight, but not anything unusual. I think nursing the baby helps me lose about a pound or so every week or ten days and as I discovered a new appreciation for carrot cake during the almost 40 days without chocolate, I think my weight loss plans were thwarted by cream cheese frosting. Oh well.


Kerry said...

I did that with soda- gave it up, and now don't really have much of a craving for it.

I don't think giving in once to chocolate during Lent makes you weak-willed. It happens. Especially when you give up something major.

Eat the bunny! The happy chocolate wants to be eaten!

JoeinVegas said...

That poor bunny is sitting there waiting to be eaten - that is it's life's goal. Do not deny the Bunny.

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