Monday, May 09, 2011

It Should Have Been Simple

It should have been simple
to explain
that I am a creature of the depths,
a fish that lives
in the midnight zone,
that I emit my own faint glow
as I drift.

It should have been simple
to understand
why I cannot live at the surface,
that needing the weight of water,
I would burst
even if you drew me up
inch by inch over hours.

It should have been simple
to see,
so let me say it another way -

When I stand beneath the sky,
I feel like you
would feel on the floor
of a deep ocean trench
under the pressure
of uncountable pounds of brine,
at once shattered
and flattened.

This poem is my response to this week's Indie Ink challenge in which Random Girl asked me to write a poem (A POEM????) entitled   "It Should Have Been Simple" (it wasn't). I challenged Flaming Nyx to write about a time when a proverb proved false. For the complete list of challenges, visit Indie Ink on Friday. These challenges have been incredible and I encourage you to check out the blogs of the other participants. I've discovered several, excellent new reads.


supermaren said...

WOW! Beautiful, poignant, and totally awesome. I am no good with poetry, so I totally get the struggle you went through. Kudos to you for rising to the challenge and giving it a smackdown.

Random Girl said...

You made it look simple, that's for sure. Fantastic job on this challenge. I love the flow of it and how you describe the pressure of being in the wrong place, a place you don't belong. Great job!

rosie-b said...

Love it!

Sharon said...

My gosh. You write beautifully. And I don't even care for poetry that much.

janani said...

Wow this fantastic. You are so good at poetry, you should write more. The words just seem to flow and web themselves into something so beautiful. Bravo!

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