Wednesday, May 04, 2011

How Useless is My Cat?

My cat is so useless that now that she is an outside cat, she stands wailing at the front door to come in when she has to go to the bathroom. It hasn't occurred to her to go outside, not with all that loose topsoil in the flower bed. She thinks she can only go in her litter box, so she'll wait at the front door, doing the cat equivalent of the pee-pee dance until I let her back in and then she'll run to the box like she's about to explode. And one of the main points of letting her outside was litter box eradication! Rolling around in the dirt outside appears to be a favorite activity, as does tracking it in the house when she's done, but pooping in the dirt? Nope. My cat's too good for all that.


jennifer said...

she really is weird. My mom is the crazy cat lady and has been all my life and I have never met a cat that didnt want to do its business outside. So funny and cute - and Canela is beautiful

Anonymous said...

I went as far as leash training my cat (as she is an indoor beast) but she did exactly the same thing as your Feline Diva. She nearly pulled me off my feet racing for the door, howling like the hounds of Hell were after her... all to go potty in her litterbox.


Robin said...

You could slowly start moving the litter box closer to the front door, then eventually outside. Maybe then she'd start going in other places out there too?

islandwonder said...

From experience, it is always the female cat with the litter box fetish from my childhood cat to my roommates cat. The boys love the great outdoors and knock on wood none of mine were sprayers.

Arwen said...

My cat escaped for 3-4 days and finally came home yowling at the door. I let him in and he ran to the litter box where he proceeded to pee for over 5 minutes and then pooped enough for a person... I can only assume he held both the whole time he was gone.

Anonymous said...

Having a super sucky/stressful week and this story of Canela made me laugh---I'm come back to read it twice already and expect I'll be back later in the week.


greyspasm said...

Reminds me of my kids when we're at the beach and they want to go back to the house so they can pee. We just got here! Just go in the ocean!

janet from chicago said...

Canela is awesome. You wouldn't want her pooping in the garden & yard where the girls are going to be playing anyway. You wrote about your preference for the beautiful bathroom in the hotel near your husband's old apartment. Maybe to Canela the outside dirt is like your husband's bathroom in the old apartment. I mean it was like yuck gross and ick, right?

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