Friday, April 08, 2011

Wide Lawns on Definitely Not the Opera!

Here are the details of my radio appearance this weekend in case you'd like to listen. I'm just going to copy and paste the letter the show sent me with all the pertinent details and links:

"The show will air on Saturday afternoon at 2pm on CBC Radio One and on Sirius 137 Saturdays at 11am & 10pm ET.

DNTO is heard in Canada on CBC Radio One, in North America on the Sirius Satellite 137, in the United States on 2 NPR stations: KUOW Seattle and WRKF Baton Rouge as well as through online steaming and via podcast.

If you're in Seattle we're on KXOT Saturdays mornings from 9-11. If you're in Baton Rouge you can hear the first hour of the show on WRKF at 2pm.

If you're not near a radio or want to time-shift the program it live streams in each time zone here.
There is also a downloadable podcast

Or you can download a fancier podcast with chaptering (for itunes) here
: http://

The podcast is also available on the DNTO webpage on the Monday following the broadcast of the show."

I hope you'll listen and enjoy the story, which many of you have read in its entirety here. For the radio show I had to tell the story from memory. I actually used the memory palace technique to remember sections of it but it didn't work that well for me. Telling a story as opposed to writing one is hard! But I had an amazing experience. It was truly a dream come true as corny as that sounds and I am so thankful to DNTO for the opportunity. I'm also going to warn you that I heard the very edited version of my story and oh my God do I have an annoying voice. It's no wonder someone wrote on Rate My Professor that I have an irritating voice. I so do. I bet my students ran for the Excedrin after listening to me for 3 hours and I pity them. You know how some people have a face for radio? Well, I have a voice for writing and I apologize in advance. I also have this weird, Mid-Atlantic accent that I can't seem to shake no matter what I think I'm doing to get rid of it, but whatever. I'm on the radio!! I hope you'll listen and enjoy. I think I'm just being self conscious. Let me know what you think!


JoeinVegas said...

Can't get to them from work, will try tonight and let you know

Michelle said...

Your links. They have brokens.

JDogg said...

Love it - I have the enhanced podcast downloaded and congratulations on your first radio 'publication'.

And a bonus is hidden in the enhanced podcast too.

Anonymous said...

Oh jeez, is there no link to hear it without needing special software or something? I hate itunes.

Laurie said...

SO cute, and how exciting for you! Congrats! I loved it, and think you have an adorable voice!! :)

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