Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pass(is it Over yet?)

It's that time of year again. This happens to me every Passover and this year it's even harder because of the baby. I am totally Jewed out. Officially, 100 percent over it all. I have eaten enough matzoh and chicken fat based, Eastern European crap to last me at least another year and I'm ready to pack up the Seder plate possibly for good. Not that I don't love my family, because I do and not that I don't like Passover. Ok, I don't really like Passover, but I love my family and I love the traditions. I especially love the music and it was an indescribable feeling watching Baby Lawns' total delight in listening to the whole family sing. That was one of those moments when you're like, ok, sleeplessness aside, this is why people have kids. I get it.

Writing is going to be sparse this week because we just have so many people here visiting and I want to spend time with them all, plus I'm beat from the never ending activity. On top of that it was also my husband and sister's birthday yesterday and now my mom's brother and his wife have decided to come down today. It should be interesting to see these two worlds collide. My dad's orthodox Jewish relatives and my mom's redneck, BBQing brother, who in every way is like one of those Blue Collar Comedian guys. Things could get amusing.

I'm getting geared up for Easter. While I observe the Jewish holidays out of respect and love for that part of my family, I can't sincerely get with the beliefs of Judaism enough to call myself Jewish and plus, I didn't marry a Jewish guy and you know what? Christian holidays are more fun to me than Jewish ones, or perhaps the Christians just have better marketing. It's almost unfair. I mean, the Christians get a giant talking bunny who comes to their house in the middle of the night to hand deliver a basket of pastel wrapped candy and what do the Jews get? Horseradish, crackers and a shank bone. How can you even compete?

Now that I have a house I went all out with the Easter decorations. I have so many rabbits it looks like Watership Down in here, plus I got a big Easter basket from Sees Candy, which I think is my favorite because we don't have Sees in Florida. I had to order it. I wish Baby Lawns was big enough to color eggs. I can't wait for that. One day I also want to make those sugar eggs with a little scene inside. Do you know what I'm talking about? I remember that I wanted one of those so badly when I was little that I practically ached with longing every Spring and I never got one. I once plotted my cousin Tara's death because she had a blue sugar egg with a little plastic Bambi sleeping inside it next to some little plastic trees. I wanted that damned egg so bad I thought maybe if something awful happened to her that in the midst of the tragedy someone might look at that sugar egg and realize that it shouldn't go without an owner and since poor Tara would be dead then the egg should go to me. Never happened. Tara lives on to this day and I bet she doesn't even remember that stupid egg. I certainly do. I think I vaguely recall people molding them out of those plastic eggs that pantyhose came in and staining them with food coloring, but I don't know for sure. Do people still make things like that?

I'm going to get back to my family stuff. I just wanted to pop in and say hi and let you all know I'm here, just fulfilling my yearly genetic obligation. Hopefully I'll get a few minutes of peace tomorrow and I can write you all a story.


Michelle said...

I bought those eggs for my girls at Walmart this year.

Maggie said...


Jenny @ Fondant is Gross said...

I made them in home ec in school and I don't remember how now, but I feel it's a hole in my education. I want to use them as decorations on my easter cakes!

green said...

This disappoints me. Judiasm is not about the gifts. It's about the traditions. Passover is my favorite holiday. You are so into cooking that I'm sure if there are foods you don't like, you could tweak them to make them ones you do like. We have chocolate-covered macaroons, for christ's sake! Who doesn't like matzoh ball soup?


Kerry said...

I remember the sugar eggs! My mom tried to make some one year with us.

Emily said...

My mom made those eggs every year. She had two halves of a mold, and would press sugar and... well, something to hold to together. Then she'd whip up this icing that set like cement, and glue the two halves together with beautiful roses or curlicues or leaf designs. Inside was always a spring scene with a plastic animal and more cememt icing (it lasted FOREVER). Sometimes there was a little blue gel icing pond.
I damn near broke my teeth gnawing on them, and always felt bad for eating them in the end.

I never learned how to make them, I always wished I had. I don't think I'll ever live up to her skill and imagination, but next year I'd sure like to try.

Anonymous said...

I don't like matzoh ball soup!! And it can be hard to tweak traditional stuff when your family is so traditional. Sometimes it really gets to me.

JoeinVegas said...

Did anyone ever eat one of those, or were they just to look at? I remember one a long time ago, don't remember what happened to it.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I'm new to your blog and I'm really enjoying it.

About Jewish holidays... I'm not Jewish but it seems to me that the "holy" stays in the Jewish holidays but Christian holidays have devolved into buying opportunities - not to mention Christmas being an alcohol fest for many who are supposedly celebrating Christmas. :(

Rock on. Write on. You have a fan.


Silver said...

Mmmm, matzah ball soup. Yum.
And I think you're totally confusing religion and religious customs with modern 'holidays'.
Easter is a religious observance which includes Lent (someone was giving up chocolate) and resurrection and prayer and rebirth.
The Easter Bunny (and now the choc-peanut butter 'Reester' Bunny) and sugar eggs are secularizations that have so little to do with Easter now that it's not really fair to compare them to a religious holiday.

Kiki said...

Not so, Silver! The "secular" symbols - bunnies, eggs, etc. - totally predate the Christian religion (in fact, the Christians co-opted these symbols to appeal to non-Christians and make their religion more palatable to others). One could certainly plausibly argue that since Christianity "borrowed" easter from Oestre, the original true celebration, with the bunny and the eggs and all that, is just the old religion reasserting itself.

Heather said...

I have to admit from a parenting standpoint, Jewish holidays lack the awesome good-behavior-bribery period that comes with Easter & Christmas. There's no saying, "Hey, be good, or you won't get to throw away all the cake and bread with us!" or "Just remember, Hanukah Harry is watching and he won't bring you new underwear if you smack your brother again". There are better Jewish holidays though, namely Purim, but these seem to get lost in the great marketing miasma that is American Corporate Universe. Just think though about what it must feel like to be a muslim child in America right now; not easy.

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