Saturday, April 09, 2011

New Link, Should Work

Looks like some of the links I posted for DNTO were broken.

Try this one and see if this helps.


My Wish said...

I'm listening, which one are you? I feel like I should know this.

Anonymous said...

She is the telling the last story.
Great Job WL!

Mary said...

I just finished listening to you. Your voice is NOT that bad. It's not how I imagined it would sound, but it is not irritating or whatever your students claim. :-)

English said...

Your voice is not annoying, silly girl.

EricaM said...

Listened, Nice. You do not have an annoying voice, you have a normal voice. Also, I didn't detect an accent. I'm from central NY and I talk the same as you..

sha said...

I like your voice.
But you know, I think most people hate their voice. I was just telling my friend today that because I've lived so many places I sound weird. A mishmash of dialects. To me, I sound like a braying donkey (dunkey) despite having others tell me differently.

Anonymous said...

aww...I love it. Your voice reminds me of the "voice" I hear when reading your blog..if that makes sense...girly but strong and adventurous. You are a wonderful story teller (and writer!). Thanks for sharing with us...that was delightful.


Anonymous said...

Why did you have to do it from memory rather than just reading your written story? It was fun to listen. Glad you enjoyed it. Love the name Victoria. Oh and what is the memory palace method?


Jan said...

Wow it was surreal hearing your voice! I have always imagined a deeper voice, but your voice is not annoying at all. It is very perky in a good way.

Anonymous said...


In addition to being an excellent writer and an astute observer of the human condition, you are hot! Wow.

(I don't expect to see this posted, but I wanted you to know.)

Laurie said...

My favorite Kinks song! :)

You're so lucky!

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