Sunday, March 06, 2011


I think the cat has finally had it with this whole baby nonsense and now she's in full on revolt.

Last night we decided that it was time for Baby Lawns to try her first taste of a vegetable. She has been eating a tablespoon of rice cereal every night before bed for two weeks now and is doing wonderfully. She just loves it and yes, the doctor told us it was ok. I thought maybe she was a little young, but my doctor said that there is new research that says delaying solids for too long can actually cause food allergies, so he's recommending very small amounts of solids beginning at four months if the mother is breastfeeding exclusively otherwise and the baby is healthy. Baby Lawns loves her cereal, so the doctor said we can try her on one new vegetable a week a couple days a week if we want.

Last night we thought we'd give her some butternut squash. I love butternut squash and I've been eating it myself over the past couple of weeks, so we thought the flavor wouldn't be unfamiliar to her since she has already tasted it when she was nursing. I was all nervous, headcase that I am, but like with everything else, she took to it immediately.

Baby Lawns is flexible. She generally likes whatever and is friendly and easy going about everything. Obviously, she didn't get that from me and even my mother says that Baby Lawns is nothing like I was when I was a baby. Apparently I was shy and laid back and a bit apprehensive. Not my child. She's going to be riding roller coasters in a couple of years. I think she got her daring bravery from her father. 

Anyway, all was going beautifully with the eating of the butternut squash. Proud parents that we are, we were videoing the whole episode and taking lots of pictures of our dear child and marveling over the fact that she was eating real food and acting like no other baby in the history of the Universe had ever eaten butternut squash with her grace and genius.

Out of nowhere, our cat Canela went batshit crazy. There is just no explanation for it. Our cat lost her mind. She jumped up on the dining room table where we were and ambushed our idyllic moment by maniacally inhaling the baby food. It was like a cat possessed. She shoved us out of the way, flung pureed squash everywhere (it got all over her head) and wolfed it down like she'd never eaten in her life, so we had no choice but to set the whole dish of it down and the floor and let her have it. It was like she was asserting her dominance or something. I don't know. Maybe she just really loves squash and I never knew it. It was nuts.

My husband and I were in shock. The baby? She laughed hysterically because she loves kitty, and by loves I mean that she likes to grab clumps of her fur. I think we got part of the event on video so we can always tell her this story when she grows up about how the cat stole her first real dinner.


Anonymous said...

Dear W.L.,
That is absolutely precious!
Baby: Ooooh, nom nom nom, mmmm, goody food!
Canela: Grrrr! nobody cares! I LOVE Squash! I'm Starving!
Baby: Ummmy soo tasty, Mommy and daddy love me sooo much!
Canela: RRRRR!
Mommy and Daddy: Oooh, It's sooo swee- !!!What the HE-!!!???
end scene...
You ought to add a soundtrack and sell it, You'd make enough for the baby's college fund.
Lil Skraps

Kirsten B NYC said...

Hahaha!!! Thanks for sharing. The picture in my head is hilarious!

Kerry said...

Funny what cats will eat. Our cat likes broccoli sometimes, and has been known to eat the leaves if I grow it. Our previous cat liked brown rice. The neighbor's cat seems to be going after a beebalm plant I have growing on the front porch.

Glad Baby Lawns is doing so well!

Anonymous said...

It certainly sounds like a dominance thing.

Laurie said...

That is SO cute!!! There's nothing funnier than a crazy cat or a laughing baby and you got both on video!!

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