Sunday, March 27, 2011

One of Those Random Update Posts

I realized it's been forever since I did one of those catching up posts to let you know what's going on in our lives, so I figured on a lazy Sunday morning, that would be a good way to start the day and end the weekend.

Here's where we all are:

Me - Someone commented the other day that my blog is whiny and a downer. Well, I don't know what to say. Maybe it is. Aren't most blogs that way? I admit. I haven't been very happy lately, so there. I'm not happy, but I'm working on being happy and my husband and I are "talking to someone" and I don't want to discuss that anymore. Maybe I'll be happier soon and my writing will be too. Otherwise I'm healthy and fine. I've just had a lot going on lately and most of it I haven't been able to write about publicly, so you'll just have to trust me that I've been going through some major stuff.

On the other hand, my life isn't that bad. I love my house and my new neighborhood. I take long walks with the baby every day and watch the sunsets over the water. It's not an unpleasant life and I am dealing with my issues, one of which is something icky called Postpartum OCD. Generally I'm reluctant to write about things like that, which is why I've never written in depth about my illness or what it was like to have radiation or anything like that. I don't want to be defined by that stuff and I don't particularly want to become the Internet poster child for Obsessive Compulsives or rare and annoying thyroid diseases. But you know, maybe I'll let you all in a little more and write about it. Maybe it would help. I don't know.

My Sister - She's doing great. I think she's a much better mother than I am. She seems to enjoy it more and be significantly less neurotic about baby related things than I am. Her baby girl is doing fine now after a rocky start in the NICU. Mommy and baby are healthy and thriving and I'm very jealous that little cousin has no problems consistently sleeping eleven hours in a row, whereas Baby Lawns can barely sleep two hours at a time and has never slept through the night.

In any case, my sister and her husband bought the house next door to mine and like all these old houses around here, it needed a lot of work to get it safe and habitable and up to code. She's in about the same situation I was last summer and she and her family have moved in with my parents until their house is ready in about a month or so.

In preparation for being neighbors, we've decided to combine yards for the benefit of the girls when they get bigger. We had both yards leveled and we're going to start over with landscaping. We want to get one big fence, start a vegetable garden and plant several fruit trees to share. We think it's important for the kids to be able to take part in gardening and know where their veggies and fruit come from and we want them to have that connection to nature. Plus, it's just fun to be able to pick fruit out of your own yard. All kids should have that when possible. 

My Parents - Oh you know them. They're fine. My dad is off to Israel today to visit his little sister who had a baby just a week before Baby Lawns was born. Because of the birth of his two grandchildren he wasn't able to get over there to visit his relatives and see his new niece, so he's going now since they won't be coming here for Passover this year as they normally do.

The movie is in the final stages of editing. We saw a director's cut last week and it's really a sweet, funny movie. It's called "Should've Been Romeo" and I hope when it comes out you'll all go see it. I don't know if they have a distributor yet or when it will be released, but when I find out, I'll let you know.

My parents haven't been traveling on the RV as much because of the babies, so they haven't had as many exciting adventures as usual. They just love being grandparents and I've really enjoyed seeing them in that role. 

My mom had her identity stolen by someone in Texas and they really had a field day with her social security number, even going so far as to file tax returns in her name! It's a mess, but she doesn't seem too stressed out about it and she's getting it taken care of.

Baby Lawns - She's getting big and strong and she really has a distinctive personality now. She's extremely friendly and social - so active and lively. She's a rolling machine. She wants to propel herself around and being that she can't crawl yet, she rolls wherever she wants to go. She has two big teeth on the bottom and the top ones are coming in now too. I think this may be partly to blame for her sleeplessness, although to my utter joy and amazement she has been sleeping exceptionally well since Thursday night. Let's hope she keeps it up.

Bombaclaat - Alive.

Big Joe - He's just fine and hasn't stolen any other dog toys from the neighbor's yard lately.

Canela - Canela has been escaping. Every chance she gets she bolts out the door and doesn't stop running. On one of her AWOL escapades she picked up a load of fleas so now she's itching and biting and I have to give her a bath this weekend and put some Frontline on her, which is a hassle I didn't want to deal with. Like I don't have enough crap to do around here. I swear.

Bella - I'm a little upset that I haven't heard a word from my cousin in almost two months now. I can only take this to mean that she is all wrapped up in her boyfriend Cal and that he didn't ditch her for not symbolically reaching over and unlocking his already unlocked power locks. I hope Bella isn't mad at me. I really got the sense that she was upset about me having a baby and not being able to do the things we used to do anymore and that makes me very sad.

Fallon - This is the cousin I wrote about last Fall who was in the abusive relationship and dropped all contact with everyone on my side of the family. Unfortunately, even after I tried to reach out to her it's still the same radio silence on her end. I even tried to text and ask if it was something I did or if it was her fiance not liking my parents, sister and me and she just texted back and said "sorry I'm busy."  It's such a shame.

My Grandmothers - Oh you know them. They're both great actually. They hated their snowy winter and they both live for pictures of Baby Lawns and then they send her care packages. I call both of them weekly and they go on and on about their doctor appointments and a bunch of people in town who died that I don't know. Because they live in the same town and know the same people I have to hear the same conversation twice, but it's ok. 

I talked to Mommom Jewel the other day about Lent. She's a church lady, Mommom Jewel is. Methodist. I've mentioned before how she doesn't know how liberal her church actually is and she has no clue that her pastor is gay. I think it's hysterical. But anyway, we were talking about my going to the Catholic church by my house and my Lenten sacrifice and she said for years she tried to give stuff up for Lent and it never worked and she never felt any closer to God from doing it. This year at her church the wonderful gay pastor has been giving sermons about how people can sacrifice their time for others during Lent instead of giving up a material thing. The Methodist church is big on service to the community, which is one of the reasons I really support their beliefs. Mommom has been volunteering even more than usual and she made a commitment to cheer someone up and make someone laugh every single day. Isn't that sweet? I just love that idea. I think that's what I'll do next year. I feel like this year I already made my sacrifice and I don't want to go back on it and change my mind halfway through. I'm terrible at sticking with things and have zero discipline, so I really want to see it through the whole 40 days with no chocolate.

Speaking of which...I'm making a coconut cake for Sunday dinner today. I realized this week that the one thing I love just as much as chocolate is coconut. Of course I like coconut better with chocolate, but it's divine without it too. Have you tried Haagen Dasz pineapple coconut ice cream? Oh my God. You have to. Chocolate who?

And Last - As you know I am theologically promiscuous and like to incorporate ideas and customs from many different religions into our lives, both to honor my diverse patchwork quilt of a family and also because I enjoy it. We are going to have a Hebrew baby naming ceremony for Baby Lawns and we need to choose a Hebrew name for her. We are soliciting ideas from all over. I'm asking my Jewish grandparents, my aunt in Israel who just had her own baby girl and I'm going to ask you guys for ideas too and then maybe for fun we'll do another poll and pick Baby Lawns her special Jewish name. If you have any ideas, please leave them in the comments section.

Books - I am on a total book bender now and it all started with a reader comment! I've read three incredible books in the past two weeks and I'm going to do another book post soon to tell you about them because I'm so excited to share. Get your ideas ready for me too.

Sunday dinner - It's my turn to do Sunday dinner today and I'm making Barefoot Contessa's turkey sausage lasagna. It's the best lasagna I've ever eaten and pretty easy to make. We're having it with salad, whole grain garlic toast and coconut cake. Feast Day!!

Have a good Sunday everyone! Hope you all are well.


Michelle said...

What ever happened to your brother? Big something or other? Man, I can't remember his name!

Sumpin said...

Have you heard of Capstar? It kills fleas almost immediately. We use it in conjunction with the monthly drops because if you wait for the drops to work, (it can take days) you risk household infestation. It's also easier and more effective than flea baths.

We have three cats and one dog. If I see anyone scratching, out comes the Capstar.

Wide Lawns said...

I don't talk about my adopted brother anymore because he went down a very bad path, got himself into some enormous trouble and stopped having anything to do with our family. It's really a shame. My parents tried talking to him and calling him and it just didn't do any good. Maybe one day in the future he'll turn his life around and come back. I haven't seen him in about two years, maybe a little more.

Remember, there's a lot I don't write about. This was one of those things sadly.

Melanie said...

A lot of Hebrew names for girls tend to lack "prettiness" or at least, so it seems to me. However, I think that Shoshana ("rose"), Yasmin ("jasmine"), and Natania ("gift of God") are lovely sounding.

The name Mazal isn't the best-sounding, but it's not the worst-sounding name either. I really like the meaning, though. Mazal means "star" with the connotation of fortune.

For your daughter in particular, I like the name "Yemina" because (1) it sounds pretty; and (2) I think the meaning of the name fits her. Yemina means "right hand" and signifies strength. Based on the descriptions of your child that I've seen in the blog, this seems to be quite appropriate for her.

Good luck finding a Hebrew name that you and your husband both love!

Kerry said...

I'm so glad to hear the people in your life are doing (mostly) well! Thanks for the update! :)

Though I doubt your sister is a better mommy than you are. Different, probably, but I doubt better.

Green said...

I have never heard of postpartum OCD and must go google now. I bet whatever it is, it would be great if people found your blog with you writing about it so they could feel less alone in having it too. Not that you have to do things for strangers online when you have so much on your plate. I just mean you're not alone, and I know with a lot of medical conditions, nobody will say anything but once one person does others often come out of the woodwork.

up in the bush said...

I'm partial to the hebrew names 'Yael' and 'Merav'. Always thought they rolled off the tongue nicely when I worked on the moshav so many years ago. I also have many favourite Isreali names for pets. So if your parents ever get a new dog...

Robin in Ohio said...

Sweetie, you just had a baby! Of course your life is upside down!! Give yourself time. I had horrible postpartum depression after both my boys. I've not heard of postpartum OCD, but I'm sure it's just as terrible. Just keep hanging in there.

Sending you big hugs and prayers! And sending positive energy toward Baby Lawns...sleep, baby, sleep!

A said...

At 5 months, our son still wasn't sleeping more than 2 hours at a time and it was really taking a toll on both of us. We finally decided to take the advice of one of our British friends who said to start putting a couple of tablespoons of rice cereal in his evening bottle. We did and like magic, he started sleeping for 6 hours, then 8 hours, etc. Turned out his tummy just needed a bit more substance to stay full long enough to get into the longer sleep cycle. It was a whole new life once we all started getting the sleep we needed. FYI - we had to go to a larger hole size on the bottle top to accommodate the thicker liquid.

misskate said...

My favorite Jewish names for prettiness are Rachel and Rebecca, but my favorite Jewish woman from the Old Testament is Judith. She is an awesome role model!

Jan said...

What some people don't understand is that you are writing about your life. Even if you are not sharing all the intimate details, if you are feeling unhappy, it will be refelected in your writing. Amen to being yourself and not putting on an act for the readers.

After you had Baby Widelawns I was curious to see if your writing would reflect the changes you would undoubtedly go through. Without giving away too much of yourself, your writing has flowed with your changes. I appreciate the honesty.

Anonymous said...


I use Comfortis for my dogs to kill fleas. It works like a charm. The fleas literally fell off of their hair in clumps. It works so good it should only be for sale on the black market but luckily, you can get it at your vet's office. And can I just say that I love how refreshingly honest your blog is. I feel lucky to know you. Take Care.


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