Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Funniest Comment I Have Ever Received

I got this comment the other day and I had to share it because it is the funniest comment I've ever received, especially if you know me well. I'm not being sarcastic and the comment was actually really sweet and complimentary.

Lara said:

"my favorite posts are the ones about the crazy people you worked with and have encountered in the past. In my opinion, you're the best there is when it comes to documenting insanity. Your challenge now is to figure out how to come up with new material now that your life, and the people in it, are sane and normal."

God bless you Lara. I can only wish that the people in my life were sane and normal. Shoot, I wish I knew one person who was normal. Actually I do. My friend Emma is sane and normal. Everyone else is just as batshit as ever. I swear. Including me.

Just wait until next week when I out my friend who is going to be on a new reality show that premiers on April 7th.

Also, someone else commented that they miss my stories from my old work such as the story where the woman bleached her teeth so much that they were clear. That woman I just wrote about last year!! She's my parents' friend's girlfriend!!

So see, plenty of crazy to go around still. Don't worry. I should tell you guys about some of the characters in my new neighborhood soon. We have this one lady that everyone calls "The Stalker."

Now go see Lara and give her some love. She's got these amazing posts with no comments and that's just a travesty. I love her most recent one about her husband cooking. It's really inspiring, especially to me right now, and it's well written.

Now get out of here. Go! I have to make that lasagna and ice my coconut cake. I'll see you all tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Okay, here goes....LONG time lurker. I don't have a blog but I read about half a dozen loyally. Yours is one and I have been a follower for years. Your best stuff, IMHO, was a bit shorter and had a "punchline". For instance: the lady who insisted that her car was listed as CERULEAN blue and pestered you about that - like it mattered! And the time you made Maxwell House coffee and the gentleman identified it as "oh yes, I should have known, the Maxwell coffee plantation in Jamaica", or something. Anyway, hearing the absolute cluelessness and reality of the masses is funny and makes me feel grounded and real, somehow. You have brilliant powers of observation and description. So, I hope that I have not offended. I will continue to quietly be a loyal and awed reader.

CallMeAlice said...

Oh, wow, Wide Lawns, I'm overwhelmed! I was out of town last week and just saw this post.

Don't feel bad that my blog didn't have any comments. It was brand new, and I just opened it for comments last week. Imagine my surprise when I had 18 new comments!

Now I'm so inspired, I'm going to start to write like crazy, thanks to you.

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