Friday, March 11, 2011

The Bus is Leaving!

We're going away for the weekend for a family trip on the RV, which is as close to camping as we will ever get. This afternoon we'll be crossing the state headed for Florida's west coast where we'll site see in Naples, maybe do a little shopping, definitely do some good eating and take in a Spring Training game. My husband has a cousin who is visiting Ft. Myers right now and we're excited for Baby Lawns to meet her and her husband. Should be a really fun, much needed weekend away and I'm really looking forward to it, although I'm a little nervous having never traveled with the baby before. I'm sure she'll love it. Baby Lawns is a total people person.

Old people especially. I can't figure this out but whenever an old person talks to Baby Lawns she goes crazy laughing. She doesn't so much do that with younger folk, though she smiles at everyone including animals, and I can't figure out what she thinks is so hilarious about seniors. Is it the grey hair or what? Silly child. Thank God I got a baby with a big sense of humor.

I'm feeling like a new person this week. Baby has been sleeping at night for the first time in a long time. She unexpectedly popped out two teeth two weeks ago and I'm thinking maybe that was what was causing her sleeplessness. I didn't think she'd grow teeth so young (4 months) so I wasn't attributing her fussiness to teething and I was confused about what was upsetting her. I should have known because I had teeth at 2 1/2 months, which is like some kind of record.

I also got my hair cut and colored and I got a new purse. My family staged a purse intervention with me. My old purse was pretty ragged, as was my ten year old wallet. I could have been on Hoarders: Purse Edition. That damned thing was like a trashcan with straps. I'm so neat and organized usually, but for some reason my OCD doesn't extend to handbags and I'm a purse slob. I admit it. I carry around so many old receipts, tissues, candies, used up gift cards, purells and all amounts of debris that my purse looks like the shopping cart of a crazy person. But no more. I'm going to try to change my purse hoarding ways and start fresh.

A few years ago my cousin got me the most beautiful lavender, suede wallet from Ann Taylor and I never used it. I don't know why. I guess I thought my old, faded torn wallet was fine. Same with my purse. I bought it three years ago at Marshalls and used it pretty much every day. It was light colored so it got grey on the bottom, scuffed all over and the threads unraveled so there were strings hanging off it like cobwebs. I mean, it cost all of $12.99, so we're not talking about a well made piece of merchandise that's expected to last several years. It was time to go. My parents brought me back a beautiful, pale olive, real leather purse from their last trip. It's totally glamorous this new purse, but did I use it? Nope. I kept it next to the front door so I could look at it and kept using Stringy, as I've been calling old Marshall's purse.

Once I had to do a writing exercise where you listed the items in a fictional character's purse in order to describe this person through her belongings. It occurred to me that if someone were to list my belongings in an attempt to garner an impression of me, that the impression of me would be that I am a nut job. It was time to get rid of both Stringy and my old wallet. I thought the weekend trip might be a good time to bust out the new purse and new wallet and clear the clutter I've been unnecessarily lugging around with me, because I just swore that I was going to need that three year old Andes mint that came with the check at the Olive Garden four trips to Millpond ago. I made a rule that I could only bring what was absolutely necessary and no other junk was coming along and in all, I realized I really didn't need very much stuff. License, credit cards, chapstick, phone, insurance card, cash, Kleenex, bandaids, gum, pony tail holder, Swiss Army knife and sunglasses. Nothing else.

Anyway, let's see how I do. Hopefully I can resist collecting a bunch of crap while I'm out of town. I have to finish packing and wow, babies need a lot of gear to go somewhere overnight. It's a bit overwhelming. I keep feeling like I'm forgetting something important and it's making me a little panicky. Wish me luck with that.

Have a good weekend!


Kerry said...

Have a great trip!

And I've come to the same conclusion regarding how much "stuff" we need on any given trip out of the house.

Robin said...

Honestly- you'll absolutely forget something but I'm sure you'll figure it out. Just know that you can always stop at a store or something. I can't travel without forgetting something for myself, let alone a small baby!

Laurie said...

It's definitely true that the bigger the purse, the more crap I carry and the less I clean it out. I now have a smaller purse that only fits the necessities and it's changed everything for me purse wise.

When my kids were babies I gave up carrying a purse all together and just made room for my stuff in the diaper bag (a big or a small one depending on the length of the outing.) It was pretty funny the first time I had to go out without the kids and realized at the last minute I'd have to use a real purse again instead of just grabbing the duckie-covered diaper bag. :)

Hope you all have an awesome weekend away!

Melanie said...

It's true; the logistics of an overnight trip with an infant can seem overwhelming, especially to a new mom. Altogether we might be talking about 40, 50, or more individual items. So here's some advice from an experienced mom: Concentrate on packing the things that cannot be cheaply replaced at a drug store along the way. (This will include expensive items like strollers, as well as the "special" blanky or the "favorite" pacifier that your child cannot be happy without.) Ideally that list will be short enough that you can remember it (6-12 items), but write the list down if it will make you feel more confident. After those items are accounted for, the rest of the stuff can be packed without any undue worry about forgetting something.

janet from chicago said...

Hi Wide Lawns

I am Catholic & no it is not true that you can have the thing you gave up during Lent on Sunday.

Waaaaaay back in the day, Sunday was already automatically a "holy" day (ie. it was always a day of fasting/self-denial/prayer/going to church twice/etc). The forty days of self-denial during Lent were IN ADDITION to your regularly scheduled self-denial that you always did as part of the Sunday routine.

As our culture became increasingly secular/profane, the Sunday fasting/self-denial thing pretty much fell out of favor as a general practice. So, while its true that Sundays were not included within the 40 days of Lent; Sundays were never intended to be a weekly free-for-all from an individual's Lenten observance.

go wide lawns, you rock & we love you!

Anonymous said...

I'm same way with my four year old purse. Sometimes I look at vacation photos fro 2-3 years prior and realize that I still have the same ratty purse.

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