Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Old Photos Update

I have a final answer on the old photos issue! Last week my mom went up to Millpond to visit my grandmother and uncle. While there, my mom mentioned to my grandmother about the photos I had framed and displayed. My grandmother had no problem with it at all and then she said that if I liked the old pictures so much and was doing something with them that she had more to give me. She didn't need to keep them around now that she is remarried and her kids are all grandparents now too, so she thought I would appreciate them more than anyone else. She was right! My mom couldn't have brought back a bigger treat for me. In the stack of photos are even my mother's wedding pictures to my biological father and she has no hang-ups about these either, though I certainly won't display those. Now I have to get my scanner set up and running again to preserve the pictures. One of the comments on the photo post said I shouldn't display the old photos because it will ruin them. I should have explained that I scan the pictures and then get reprints done at Costco and then keep the originals safe. They are precious, precious memories to me. I am so glad to have these pictures.


catherine said...

Perfect! It really great that she doesn't hold a grudge. I bet you feel better about it too :D

Kiera said...

You can also turn the old photos into photobooks! If you have a Mac, it's very easy with Apple software, but you can also do it even if you use non-Apple computers. There are online companies that will print the photos up into books. I'm in the process of doing this with my family's old photos; I'll be giving them as gifts for Christmas next year (it's going to take that long to put them all together I think)

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