Friday, February 25, 2011

Maid - A Mess Part 1

This is going to be one of my serial stories, both because I'm busy this weekend and because the story is complicated.

Recently we've had some drama with my parents' latest housekeeper and once again we prove that the freak magnet installed in the foyer of my parents' home is still working.

For as long as I could remember, we've always had problems finding help. My mother has always been busy and at various times in their lives, whenever they could afford it, my mother has sought assistance from housekeepers. When I was growing up they were live-ins. We went from one to the next from Tammy to Nadia to Maxine and Nury and several in between. Something always happened and they never worked out.

Once my sister and I were grown up and out of the house my mom, when money was good, had a weekly cleaning lady. These too came and went and most were unremarkable. Then my parents moved into their dream house and all of a sudden they started entertaining more and having guests, sometimes long term visitors, much more often. Their lives were busier and the house was so big that it was too hard for my mom to keep up with. She needed a full time housekeeper who could be there five days a week and would be able to work on nights when we had parties.

She had the same housekeeper for four years and Socorro was very close with us all. We loved her like family. Unfortunately last winter she was deported after her boyfriend, who was here illegally, used her car, got drunk, got into an accident and tried to run someone over. She got dragged into his legal problems and well, it's a long ordeal of a story, but in short she ended up in court and then got deported back to Guatemala. She decided not to fight it because she said she missed her grandchildren and felt like it was best for her to go home anyway. I miss her very much.

After that my mother found another housekeeper named Miriam. Miriam was Venezuelan and had come from a wealthy family who lost all their money to Chavez's regime. Miriam had a chip on her shoulder because she didn't want to clean houses for a living and was constantly mad. We would ask her to do certain things and she would say no. Whenever we had parties she'd say she was too tired and then call out for several days. Finally, my mother fired her because she was paying her a big weekly salary to tell us she didn't want to clean.

In August my mom decided to turn to Craig's List to find help. She wanted someone with initiative, who was responsible and liked dogs. She wanted someone like Socorro who would be like part of the family and interviewed several before she found Kimmy.

Kimmy had her husband drive her over as soon as my mother called. She was a petite Filipina girl in her early 20s who was married to a young white, American guy named Paul. They seemed like the perfect couple. Paul was a boat mechanic who had been a missionary. He said he met Kimmy in the Philippines while on a mission and fell in love with her. He brought her back to America and they got married. Sure, they were young but they were happy and they had Jesus. They lived with Paul's parents and Paul's dad was married to Kimmy's aunt. Kimmy was a hard worker. She was available whenever we needed her. Seriously, whenever, except of course Sunday because of church.  She was tidy and pretty, exceptionally polite and told us about her six sisters that she supported back home. One of them she had even delivered herself because her mom couldn't get to the hospital in time. Kimmy was like a little miracle. She was exactly what we'd been looking for and we were so excited. She assured us she loved animals and especially loved babies, which was great since my sister and I were both pregnant.

Turns out she also liked strippers, hookers and drugs but we didn't find that out until three weeks ago.

To be continued...


Anonymous said...

awesome pacing on the story! it goes so smoothly and then that last line or so is like a mild shock. great writing as usual!

Wanderjenn said...

Best cliffhanger ever :)

Laurie said...

You are just awesome. Can't wait for more!

Living in Muddy Waters said...

Yup, those Jesus people will get you every time!

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