Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you're all having a good holiday.

I don't have a lot of patience for Valentine's Scrooges ( so why did I always end up dating these types?) - you know those people who say it's not a real holiday, it's obligatory romance, it's all about spending money or it excludes single people. Valentine's Day doesn't have to be any of those things.You can make it whatever you want, just like with anything.

I suspect some of the Valentine naysayers act this way as a defense mechanism because they're scared they won't have a Valentine or that their significant other won't do anything nice for them. Others are cheap or cynical and the rest are just lazy types who don't want to put any effort into anything.

I have a friend who has lately been putting up all kinds of anti-Valentine stuff on facebook and it's totally obvious to me that she is doing this because she wants her boyfriend to propose and thinks he won't and she's trying to avoid setting herself up for embarrassment or disappointment. I hope she has a nice day anyway.

When I was little I remember we always had a party in our classroom that involved loads of sugar and red dye and little paper cards. I loved our in-class parties. The kids would be bouncing off the walls from all that candy, so I pity the grown-ups who had to deal with us, but we loved them. Rumor is that they don't allow parties like this in school but I don't know if this is some Fox News bull crap to get up in arms about and blame liberals for or if it's actually true. I hope kids still get parties in school.

I'm not doing a lot for Valentine's Day. I like to celebrate with candy, a peaceful dinner and maybe a movie. I ordered a box of Sees Candy, but it hasn't arrived yet. Let's hope it gets here before dinner or I'll have to make brownies. You have to have chocolate on February 14th. Growing up with my grandparents, my grandfather always brought my grandmother a heart shaped box of chocolates and a dozen red roses. He wasn't original, but he was consistent and I love him for that. He splurged on the big, red box too. I used to hate the candy inside, but I couldn't wait for the adults to eat it so I could get at that box. I used to like to play with those boxes. I thought they were so beautiful and they always came with a big, lifelike plastic rose glued to the lid. I'd pull the rose off and pretend it was a corsage or try to stick it in my hair. I thought it was glamorous.

My grandparents instilled in me my love of holidays. My grandmother redecorated the house for every holiday. We truly celebrated everything. She had hand towels and pot holders for every occasion, as well as little paper cut-outs that she'd scotch tape to the front door and the picture window. I loved them. I don't quite go that far, but I have the hand towels and pot holders. I'm also guilty of themed candy and soap dishes too. I can't help it. I love the kitsch. It makes me so happy. In the above photo you can see what I did to my dining room. I went all out with a runner and napkins.

For dinner I'm making a recipe that I got from the chef at the place where we went on our honey moon. I found it the other day when I was unpacking some boxes (yes, STILL) and I realized I'd never tried it. It's for a Jamaican style shrimp curry and I had all the ingredients already.

I don't know about a movie yet. My favorite romantic comedy is When Harry Met Sally. I'll always watch it if I see it's on TV. It's not on today. I may drag out my dvd or I may just settle for last week's Modern Family on the dvr. I love that show. I'm totally addicted. I just discovered it and now my whole family is so hooked we bought the dvds and had a marathon. Now we're caught up, but I saved last week's episode. I think the funniest episode was last year's Valentine show, so I hope this year's is just as good. I'm not kidding. Best show on TV. The writing is fantastic. You have to watch it.

If you're single, don't be sad. Do something with your family or friends or treat yourself alone to something you love. Celebrate everything. Don't be lazy or cynical. Have fun with life.

If you're with someone, go out of your way a little bit and I bet you'll be glad you did.


Robin said...

I agree, Modern Family is the best show on TV right now.

Arwen said...

It's FOX News bullshit... they still have "sugary" parties although most schools require that only prepackaged and properly labeled food and candy can be sent (nothing homemade to ensure proper cleanliness techniques are followed and to help teachers ensure that kids with food allergies don't get foods they are allergic to).

janet from chicago said...

Your dining room looks really nice.

My son goes to preschool at the public school, and their rule (district wide) is that only fruits/vegetables are allowed to be served as a snack in the classroom. Candy/sweets/cupcakes/cookies are forbidden. My son's teacher let me stretch the rules at Halloween - I sent pumpkin muffins. However, the school has just had some 3 year olds age-in to the program, with peanut & gluten issues, so now they are very strict on the fruit/veg only. I volunteered for the snack for their valentines party today and sent watermelon hearts.

Go wide lawns, you rock & we love you!!!

Melanie said...

I sincerely hope that your Valentines Day is filled with loving memories. You deserve the best!

Mamie said...

I teach 1st grade in the Intermountain West, and we TOTALLY had a sugared-up party this afternoon! Well, partially... we had apple slices, baby carrots, Wheat Thins/Ritz, and two kinds of cookies PLUS whatever candies the kids shoved into each others Valentine mailboxes. I am chowing down this very minute on a Hershey's marshmallow heart a kid gave me, while my husband noshes a Godiva white chocolate/orange cream bar from another kid.

Hey Wide, many out here love you and hope that things are well for you this Valentine's Day!

Anonymous said...

Its not fox news bullshit. I guess it depends on where you live. My sons in kindergarten and they were allowed to celebrate the day but not call it a valientiens day "party". They cant celebrate any hollidays with a "party" bc it will offend someone out there. Its totally stupid how censored everything is.

Rachel said...

The first year my husband and I were dating, we spent our Valentine's Day at his apartment watching Fight Club and making chicken enchiladas. It was the best Valentine's Day I'd had to that date. Since then, we've always had a pact that we'll save the dinner out for a different, less-hectic, less-expensive day and spend a night in with a great movie, and we almost always include other people: singles, couples, family, who ever is free and wants to come. To us, Valentines Day is about celebrating love in all it's forms.

Also, Modern Family is amazing. It's the only show on right now that I make an effort to watch from week to week. Otherwise, I just watch old episodes of shows on DVD.

jennifer said...

love your table!

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