Thursday, October 14, 2010

30 Days of Truth - Flash Version Days 5-10

I don't find some of these prompts useful for writing an entire essay, so I figured I can knock out a few days with a couple short lines.

Day 5 - Something You Hope to Do - Right now the main thing on my mind is that I hope to get this baby out of me as safely and painlessly for both of us as possible. Once that happens and I can get her home, to her own home if miracles truly exist, and I can feed her and keep her alive and well, we'll talk about how I want to go to Japan.

Day 6 - Something You Hope You Never Have to Do - Bury a child. I've been reading a lot of stories lately about people enduring the deaths of their children. I don't want to know what that feels like.

Day 7 - Someone Who Makes Your Life Worth Living For - Seriously? Who wrote that? What kind of grammar is that? I'm offended. I'm not so co-dependent that my life's value depends on someone else being in my life and any answer I'd come up with would be trite and annoying. This question sucks.

Day 8 - Someone Who Made Your Life Hell - I've already written about my step-mother and she died a horrible death which I didn't wish upon her. Anymore harping on the subject is unnecessary. My ex-fiance made me miserable for a couple years, but I don't care about him anymore and I hold no grudges against mean girls from middle school, although I had some satisfaction from learning that the meanest mean girl's husband cheated on her with a teenager he worked with and then left her. Then I felt terrible because that makes me just as mean as she was.

Day 9 - Someone You Lost Touch With - Hello, facebook. Now I talk to people I rode the bus with in third grade.

Day 10 - Someone You Need to Let Go - well, maybe I can write at length on this one...


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