Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Houses and Sugar

People of the Internet, I need some collective prayer/ good energy power. I am going to meet with the building department at 1 this afternoon to see if by some miracle of God that they will let us resume work on our house again without making us bring the house up to code for unpermitted work that we didn't know the last several previous owners had done and which we cannot afford. Baby Lawns will be here in 7 weeks; possibly less if she continues her steadfast refusal to flip upside down (and I don't blame her as I hate being upside down too) and they take her out early. She could be here in as soon as five weeks. Baby Lawns needs a house people. I am going to use the Power of the Bump to its full potential for pity today and let's hope it works.

I got so desperate that I even bought a sage smudge for the house to clear out all the previous bad energy that I feel it's harboring from its past. My house needs a clean, fresh start with a happy, young family with a little baby and an old kitty cat. It needs some fruit trees and some life and I want to give it that.  Fingers crossed.

So I need to give a shout out to all the diabetics out there. Wow you all. I don't know how you do it. I have tremendous respect.

I have gestational diabetes and it's not a very bad case. So far, I've been easily controlling it with diet, but that does take a lot of discipline on my part. Sometimes I can be very disciplined with my eating and other times I can't take it anymore and I want ice cream NOW and feel that I could sincerely scratch someone's eyes out (the mean neighbor who called code enforcement on us namely) if I don't get it. That's ok if you're doing the South Beach because you want to look hot in your bikini, but it is not ok if you are trying to grow a little one inside you and keep her healthy. I don't have a choice but to stay disciplined and it's hard.  I know it's a lot harder for "real" diabetics who have to deal with this for the rest of their lives, which they can severely shorten if they make poor choices. Diabetes isn't something to mess around with.

Most of my family has diabetes and ends up dying from its complications, but my family members are prone to Type 2 and all of them have had bad habits, though oddly on one side they were all really skinny, so the overweight thing isn't always true. They did, however, all drink and smoke and eat diets which basically consisted of Wonder Bread, Lard and Coffee so there you go. 

My cousin has a five year old daughter who is the most beautiful, kindred spirit of a child I have ever met. If Baby Lawns comes out half as angelic, sensitive, funny and sweet as my little cousin I will consider myself immeasurably blessed. I love that Little Cousin has a pet goat and that she named it Poppop Dale after one of her grandfathers even though the goat is a girl. Kids (goat and human ha) crack me up. Well anyway, Little Cousin got really sick a couple years ago and nearly died. She was in the hospital for a month and it turned out that she has Type 1 diabetes the poor little thing. She has been an amazing inspiration. Until this year she was too small and young to have an insulin pump so she had to endure years of daily finger sticks and several shots a day of 2 kinds of insulin and she never, ever complained. She had to suffer at parties where she couldn't have treats and she hardly ever said anything about her strict diet. She has always been really stoic for a little kid and if you ask her about it she'll tell you that God just made her special and that all people are different so its ok that she is the way she is. The child is 5!! This year she finally got an insulin pump and it has worked out really well for her. It looks like an ipod and someone made her a special cover for it that has mermaids on it, which she loves to show off. It looks like a small fanny pack that she wears under her clothes. When I was up in Millpond I asked her to show me and she very proudly pulled up her whole dress and declared that "It has MERMAIDS!!"  Since getting the pump she hasn't had any painful needles or insulin overdoses or anything. It really is miraculous for her. I don't know how she put up with all the needles all day every day.

I am a wuss. I have been putting up with needles for a week. I have to test my blood sugar four times a day and keep a log of it for the doctor. So far so good though, but wow, it's a pain (fairly literally) to do that. I only have to do it for two months and I'm bitching about it and about not getting to eat ice cream. Imagine your whole life being like that, plus giving yourself insulin needles if you can't get a pump. 

This has given me a new perspective. I'm already researching charities for the birthday charity challenge this year and I'm looking for something to benefit specifically children with Type 1 diabetes in honor of Little Cousin, the thought of whom shames me into not being a sissy about needles and blood and lack of ice cream. Please, please let me know in the comments or in an email ( if you know of any good ones I should consider. 

So wish me luck now as I wield my massive belly down to the building department.


Jocelyn said...

Keep up the good work tracking your foods and sugars. I got diagnosed with GD with my last child, I still remember the sound my pen made for finger sticks.

Blue Bunny does make some sugar-free/low sugar items. Have some if you want some, just don't eat the whole container at one sitting.

Don't forget that breastfeeding is the best thing for kiddo and you after delivery considering the GD and your diabetic family tree. And no bottles to wash! ;-)

JoeinVegas said...

Good luck with the government officials - they love to stick by their rules.

Kelly said...

I hope all goes well with your house!!!

Donating to a diabetes charity is such a great idea. Type 1 is so scary, I know it is based on risk factors, but also may be caused by a virus. It's hard to face that you can not protect your child from this disease. You could donate to the American Diabetes Association:

mcgrimus said...

All this talk about diabetes is spoiling my enjoyment of the Mike & Ikes I got out of the candy machine just now.

Good luck with the house. Hope your luck turns around soon!

kerry said...

OOohhh, good luck dealing with the building department! That really stinks that the previous owners didn't get the right permits.

You're right that Baby Lawns needs a home, and the home needs you. Homes should be loved and lived in, and you would be good for this house.

FreeDragon said...

As a type 1 diabetic I have found the hardest thing to obtain is needles. They're cheap, cost is not the problem, getting the drug store to sell them to you is. I had to show them insulin and 'prove' I was diabetic, and not on illegal drugs, before I could buy any. If you could donate to an organization that helps diabetics with their testing supplies that would be great. Another nice thing to do would be to donate magazines/books to your local hospital. I was bored out of my skull during my hospital stay. The nicest gift my boyfriend gave me during that time was a gardening magazine.

Claire said...

One thing I hope your doctor mentions is that women who get GD have a higher chance of developing D type 2 later in life. So even after birth, take good care of yourself, keep your testing equipment and test yourself every so often. My friend does it every year right before her birthday (so as not to have cake interfere with it) and then a couple of times when she thinks about it through out the year.

Caroline said...

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. It's not something I've ever looked into, but I know someone who has a diabetic little girl, and this is the organization they support.

Lunch Buckets said...

Well crap I just read this, sorry I wasn't sending the vibes. Clearly the reason why things didn't go the way you'd hoped. I had gestational diabetes with the second kid and ended up on insulin. NOT FUN, I repeat NOT FUN.

Sixteen Chickens said...

You mentioned ice cream and being pregnant so many times that now I WANT ICE CREAM... and SEX.

Steph said...

A good friend of mine participates in a fundraiser for juvenile diabetes every year. He sets a monetary goal that he is trying to raise, and then if he meets that goal, he shows up to the event wearing a pair of ridiculous pink pants and a God awful green jacket.

Here's the video he posted for the fundraiser this year...

and here's the page where you can donate to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation...

Once on the site, you can find more info about the foundation and how you can become a part of it.

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