Sunday, September 05, 2010

Great Moments in Pregnancy

I don't know why I didn't share this sooner, but I need to record this one for posterity. It's been on my mind too since I started watching Mad Men.

When I was up in Millpond I went for a drive with my grandmother and her husband Ray and my grandmother, who has been smoking since she was 12 in 1945 went to light up with me in the car.  Here is how the scene went:

Me: Oh Memere, can you put that out with me back here? I'm not supposed to be around cigarette smoke.

Her: Oh for God's sakes, have They got pregnant woman scared of other people's smoke now too? That's just ridiculous. What kind of nonsense are They going to come up with next? I swear. I'll have you know that I smoked through my pregnancies with all five of my children and four of them were perfectly fine.

To which I did not respond. Yes. All five were under five pounds at birth. The first baby died shortly after it was born and one child is a paranoid schizophrenic while the youngest is a drug addicted alcoholic, but smoking is fine. Mmm Hmm. I love my relatives.


Cassandra said...

In the province I live in(and possibly in all of Canada - I'm not sure) it is illegal to smoke in a car with anyone under 18 also in the car.

Even when I smoked(and I quit well before I had any children - in preparation for having children) I hated being in a closed car with another smoker.

Jimijam said...

The should put grandmother's family history on cigarette cartons.

Jimijam said...
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nandy said...

I didn't used to mind the scent of smoke when it was a familiar scent from my parents, but having lived a smoke-free life for 20+ years, I now find it irritating.

booda baby said...

That is sad. Wow. I like when three little words really covers it all. I'm a smoker who wouldn't even THINK about smoking around a pregnancy or a baby or a toddler.

Jimijam's got a hell of an idea.

Miss Kitty said...

Well just to be fair to your gramma, there's no way smoking caused the psychological issues. I mean, I've read every blog post you've ever written, and I think that side just has crazy encoded in their genes. I know bipolar runs in my mothers side of the family, and we allllll have it. We're lucky that way.

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