Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Reba's Gone!

I can not believe this. Yesterday, they came and took Reba away to an old folks home and today her house is up for sale!! The woman lived in this house for 55 years. I'm here for a week and she leaves for the nursing home. I wonder who will move in next to me now. At least in the meantime I won't have to worry about my trashcan creeping over onto her property line.

I haven't met the people on the other side of me, but they appear to be old Jewish people with a meticulous yard. As we were moving furniture last week they stood in the yard and watched but weren't friendly and never introduced themselves, which I just don't understand, but this is South Florida after all.

We know lots of the other neighbors though and they have not hesitated to all, separately, delight in telling us that our landlord was a drug dealer and just got out of prison. Of course my landlord was a drug dealer. I mean, he really doesn't seem like it to me. I really like him a lot and he doesn't particularly fit into my drug dealer schema, but maybe my grandmother is right after all and everyone in South Florida is a criminal in some way.

Last night we found this mysterious, scary looking old safe in one of the closets we hadn't ventured into yet. It looks like Al Capone's vault or something and it's locked. We're going to call the landlord about it. I know I'm going to get my hopes all up, Geraldo style, that there's something exciting in there and then it will be empty.


Rosie-b said...

Shoot. I was looking forward to some good Reba stories!

Eric said...

My Brother rented a house south of Seattle a couple of years ago that was originally owned by a very paranoid Boeing Engineer. Must have been the 60s or 70s when he was raising his family. He built a home grown security system with the metalic circuit tape on the windows and a 6 page instrucion manual on how to arm or disarm the security system.
But the best part was he built a bomb shelter into the hill. But we were never allowed to go into it. How cool would that be to have your own bomb shelter. I would turn it into a fort.

Jean_Phx said...

Of course your landlord is a drug dealer.

One Mean MFA said...

Oh man I hope if and when you open that vault a ridiculous story emerges out of it. As far as criminals in South Florida, ugh yeah. Haven't you ever noticed when crazy news stories happen there is ALWAYS a Florida connection.

Weeping Sore said...

My advice: DON"T OPEN THE SAFE!! It could contain all the drugs your landlord hasn't sold and even though the first one is free, you might have to pay for the drugs you'll need afterwards. I blame Reba!

JoeinVegas said...

I'm surprised the hairdressers didn't prop her up in the closet and keep living there.

Cupcake Forum said...

Not sure I'd want to get my fingerprints on that safe...

Anonymous said...

re: the house

how wild would it be if you could get out of your lease for unfitness for occupancy or something, and you could buy Reba's place???

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