Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Forgive My Absence

Forgive me for not writing, but I've had some stuff going on.

My new house has black mold and termites. I have to move out of my new house for two months. The baby is going to be born in about two or three months. If I have to bring a new baby home to my parents' house, I might go on a rampage. Please let's hope that the baby enjoys where she is and wants to stay there until Halloween when the house is done.

So the house is going to be thoroughly repaired. In the end, it will be much nicer than it is now. It's getting a new kitchen, which it desperately needs. It's just that it needs to get done NOW and that I had no desire whatsoever to re-move.

I have to pack up all of my crap again, most of which I had put away and organized already and put it all in temporary storage, only to get it all back out again when I am nine months pregnant and put it all away.  I had wanted to make the baby a nice room and it looks like that might not get to happen. I can deal with that. I'll just keep her in a dresser drawer or a cardboard box in our room. I have a cat bed that Canela doesn't use. Cat beds are great for infants. In fact, the cat and the baby can even share it. It's not like babies can remember anything anyway and I'll just put her room together after she's born.

Husband and I are moving into our friends' house for a couple weeks in the meantime. Remember Husband's friend The Gyno? He's at his summer home up north for the next two months so we can stay freely at his house which is gorgeous and on the water. In Mid-August, my parents are going back to LA, to shoot a movie of all things (another story), and then we can stay at their house where I'm most comfortable. It will all work out, I'm sure.

On top of this, my husband's uncle, whom we adore, is in the ICU with liver failure (damage?) and awaiting a liver transplant. This was all so sudden and unexpected. We thought he was in perfect health and apparently this was caused by taking Tylenol every day?? I knew that Tylenol could be dangerous. I actually remember hearing something on NPR about it recently, but wow. I also remember my rheumatologist telling me that for treating my joint pain with OTC medications that I should use Tylenol sparingly and that I should alternate between Ibuprofen and Alleve and never take the same thing every day. So listen people. Don't take Tylenol (Acetaminophen) every day and NEVER take it after drinking and if you need to take pain killers every day, switch them up. You don't want to end up like our uncle. It's really sad and scary.

As if I didn't get enough bad news, yesterday, as my dad was on my way to Israel to visit his little sister, she ended up in the hospital too. My aunt is only a couple years older than me. I can't even call her my aunt because we seem like the same age. I mean, we played together as children. She too is pregnant. Her baby was due exactly one month after mine - another girl, meaning we are having three girls in a row in our family, being that my sister who is due in December is also having a girl. Yay for girls! My aunt has had a hard pregnancy, after several miscarriages, and last night at 23 weeks, she started bleeding and is now in the hospital on bed rest and they said they want to at least try to keep the baby in until 25 weeks. Say a prayer. At least my dad is there now to help out with her house and her other two children.

This is a lot of stress. I'm still teaching my summer class too, but I have to say - it's going really well. I've enjoyed it immensely. At first I was wary of teaching a business class, but I realized that success in business is really dependent on creativity and I've been able to do many creative, practical and fun activities with my business students and I think I've been able to teach them a lot about communication and the real power of words while at the same time giving their imaginations a good workout, which they needed. A lot.  

I'm going to miss teaching while I'm off from work tending to my baby in her cat bed.


Cassandra said...

When it rains it pours in your life, huh?

Try to keep everything in perspective and (if you want to take advice from a boring old Mommy Blogger)stay positive.

From what I've read of you, you are one of the strongest people I've never met.

Sorry about your new place.

Living in Muddy Waters said...

My daughter slept for a whole month in a Rolls-ROyce stroller/pram that a student's parent had lent me. It's the only place she would sleep alone. Babies don't know where they sleep anyway. So don't stress about that.

As for everything else, be selfish right now. Take care of yourself and let other take care of your family members. Try to stay separated from it as hard and heartless as that sounds. You must take care of YOU first.

Anonymous said...

I can totally sympathize with your chaos! This month we have had a death, a birth, an out-of-state wedding and a mother with a broken leg.
However, I think that the black mold and termite business with your new place is the worst ...

kerry said...

Wow. I hope things settle into a good routine soon.

It makes me giggle to picture you putting Baby Lawns in a cat bed, but I bet it would work quite well! :) Squishy, comfy, and she won't fall out.

Sounds good!

JoeinVegas said...

I vote for the dresser drawer rather than the cat bed. That's what you see in all the old movies.

Anonymous said...

You have just written about something I have been harping on about for years - Acetaminophen.

I spent 20 years in the medical world, mostly doing pharmaceutical research. I firmly believe that Acetaminophen should be sold ONLY by prescription and carefully monitored. I've seen too many cases of liver issues with it.

If a person has been drinking and takes Acetaminophen for the hangover they run the risk of severe liver damage on just that ONE dose. Taking the recommended dosage for a week can damage the liver.

This is a dangerous drug!


Diane Laney Fitzpatrick said...

I vote for the dresser drawer, too. It's all retro '50s and the baby will surely turn out to be a cool, artsy adult. My mom told us that in the '40s-60s, when her generation was churning out the babies, they didn't use bassinets; bassinets were for rich people; they just cleared out a sock drawer and put the baby in there.I actually asked her if they closed the drawer or left it open.

mcgrimus said...

Too bad the mold and termites weren't found out before you moved. But then again, would you have taken the place if you had known?

BTW, you'll need onesies. Diapers leak!

Jean_Phx said...

Ditto on the Tylenol thing. But really, really don't mess with the black mold. Can you get your $ back and never go back there? That would be best. I've never been sicker in my life and had no idea where it was coming from until we found the mold in an obscure closet that we never used and got it out of there with the bleach. But I would never had been there, cleaned or not, with a child. Seriously, very dangerous situation. I know you love the place but it is only a place and you'll find somewhere safer for your family.

Melanie said...

Brittney Murphy died at age 32 and her husband Simon Monjack died five months later at age 40. There are *rumors* on the web that black mold is to blame. Others refute this. But one thing that is not disputed is that they both died of pneumonia at relatively young ages. You might want to do some research and come to your own conclusions. Sorry if this comes across as alarmist, but I want you and Baby Lawns (and your husband) to be safe.

melekler korusun final said...

thank you

booda baby said...

What a pain in the ass, on the one hand. On the other? After living in a beautiful old Victorian house with more mold than god ever meant to locate in one place, I feel I've earned enough authority to promise you that all the pain in the assitude is worth it. We do NOT want you and the impending little one to suffer any of the stuff that accompanies mold. Check your thesaurus under the 'Small Pain and Constant Suffering' heading.

MonkeyPants Liz said...

I always read and never comment on your blog.

I'm so sorry your new place is gross right now but it is going to be fab when it is done! Black mold is horrible, but it can be eradicated. Just keep calm and take care of yourself and Baby Lawns and keep the stress levels down.

sadi said...

I slept in a dresser drawer when I was a baby since my parents didn't have enough money for a crib. By all accounts, I turned out OK.

Well, I do have a major shoe fetish, but I'm not sure that's related.

I agree with the others, take care of you, and we're all looking forward to the arrival of Baby Lawns!

staticwarp said...

that blows. at least the landlord agreed to fix the problems. i hope it all goes as well as possible for you.

Johnny Virgil said...

I STILL sleep in a dresser drawer. Good luck!

Miss Kitty said...

Hugs, love, and prayers to you and your loved ones, WL. (((BIG HUG)))

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