Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Off to Millpond

Today is going to be a travel day for me! I am flying to Philadelphia to see my cousin Bella. She lives outside of Philadelphia. I'll stay with her for two days and then Friday morning she and I are taking a small road trip down to Millpond to stay with Mommom Jewell. My relatives are throwing a shower for Baby Lawns, which should be pretty fun. Oh, and I also didn't mention that in the recent baby boom, my half sister Charity, whom I've met only once at Pop's funeral two years ago, had her baby daughter yesterday afternoon. So now Baby Lawns has a first cousin whom she will also probably never meet until some major relative dies, but whatever.

On Sunday, Bella has promised to give me my greatest wish and take me to Rehoboth Beach so I can eat Thrasher's fries, walk on the boardwalk, play skeeball and relive my fondest childhood memories of summer. I can not wait. You don't even know how excited I am about this.

The next day (Monday), we'll drive back to Philadelphia, I will endeavor to throw the biggest fit possible to make Bella drive me into the city so I can have Capogiro Gelato, and then I will be back at the airport Monday night to fly home.

One thing I'm really looking forward to is some cooler weather. It's only in the 60s there now, according to the Internet anyway and it's about 105 here with the heat index. I'm also looking forward to seeing my relatives, most of whom I never see unless, as I said earlier, someone important dies. I really hope they can all make it to the shower. I don't even want to have a shower to get presents. I was just happy to have created an excuse to get everyone in one place for a celebration. It seemed so common when I was little to have the whole family together having fun, but now it's really rare, which sucks because we really do have such a great time when we gather.

Oh my goodness! I am so excited. My dad just called me and as a special treat, he upgraded me to first class with all of his extra miles!! This is especially exciting because I've only flown first class twice in my life and once was because of an airline error and it was only to Atlanta so it didn't last long enough. The last time was on the way home from a fall trip I took to see Bella in '08 when they upgraded me for miles. It is no secret that flying gives me a heart attack. I despise it. I am a nervous wreck the whole time, but flying first class makes me feel like it is a special occasion and like I'm all fancy. Whenever I fly I always wonder who the people in first class are and if they're famous. I'm going to pretend like I am.

Now, as I've stated before, Internet connections, especially wireless, are tricky in the Millpond area. I will try to write and update as much as I can and I will Twitter the whole time since I can do that from my phone. I can also moderate comments from my phone. When I'm at Bella's I can generally get wireless or I can go set up in a coffee shop near her work and write, so I'll try to do that. Once I get to Millpond it's another story unless I "borrow" from Mommom's neighbors, who may or may not have computers depending on who's renting the units around hers.

Say a prayer that I have a safe, easy flight and that I do not experience any unpleasant irritable bowel situations mid-air (as always seems to be my plight) and I will write again as soon as I can because Lord knows, something strange WILL happen to me in Millpond. It has never disappointed.


kerry said...

Travel safely and enjoy first class! :) It's so great that you'll get to see all your family. :) Can't wait to hear about your trip when you get back!

ElectricDaisy said...

Safe travels WL! One time I got upgraded to first class on a flight from the States to was FANTASTIC! The lady at the ticket counter surreptitiously upgraded me and I didn't realize until I was on the plane.

Also, I am in solidarity with you on wanting to escape the heat. I'm in Southern Arizona and the temps have been around 107 recently. Going outside is just depressing.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I've never written in before (though I've read your entire blog and love it) but feel compelled to now because I live near Philly and grew up here. Enjoy the city! It's Beer Week! Too bad you can't drink, but enjoyr your lovely gelato! Congrats on Baby Lawns!!!

Laurie said...

You ARE all fancy! (LOL) Have a wonderful time in first class and a safe happy trip. Hope you and Baby Lawns have the most fun baby shower ever with your family! :)

a l'ouest said...

I am a big Capogiro fan too! Their pistachio is to die for.

Have a safe trip!

♥ Calamity Anne ♥ said...

Rehobeth Beach!!! WOW...used to go there every summer as a kid. Now that's a blast back to the past! Have a safe journey!

mcgrimus said...

Welcome to Philly. The weather should be nice. The weekend will be a bit muggy, but 85 and humid probably doesn't sound too bad to you. Enjoy your shower!

Anonymous said...

Thrasher's! SO FREAKING GOOD! I'm very jealous. I've thought of making the effort to get to O.C. or Rehoboth just for the fries and Dolly's carmel popcorn. I don't even enjoy popcorn, but I love that stuff. I live in FL, also- one reasin I love to go up North is because my hair is fantastic EVERY DAY! Never happens in FL. My hair can turn awful just walking from my car across the lot to my office door.

Books & BS said...

Hope you have a safe flight! And have fun in Philly! It's supposed to be in the mid to high 80s here and probably humid. But Capogiro is the best in the heat. You should try Scoop Deville too. They have the best ice cream and will make it with anything. There is always a line though in the summer. Enjoy first class! My boyfriend upgraded my tickets on a recent trip to India and I have to say it was wonderful flying first class with all the leg room and bigger seats.

sadi said...

Have a safe trip, and enjoy first class and the fam!

And you ARE famous!

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