Monday, June 28, 2010

Fish Taco Recipe

Some people were very interested in the fish tacos Husband made for our BBQ yesterday and he was kind enough to show me the source of his recipe, which got great reviews from me and our guests.

HERE is the fish taco recipe he used. Being from Orange County, California, he is a big fish taco fan and he introduced me to them when we first met and now we experiment with different versions. I think this is the best one yet.

Someone else asked me about tortillas. We use soft corn tortillas for fish tacos and we heat them up, wrapped in foil, on the grill while the fish cooks.

If we make beef tacos, we use the same tortillas and fry them in oil, which is really good but greasy and horrible for you.

I also confess that I am a fan of what my husband calls "Gringo Tacos." Gringo Tacos are the crispy, preformed shells from a box that come with the orange seasoning packet. I love that crap, complete with shredded iceberg, Tostitos salsa and cheddar. My grandmother used to make it for me when I was little. Husband is a taco snob and barely tolerates it when I feel like having the Millpond version of one of his favorite meals.


Anonymous said...

Is it bad that I'm nearly 23 and have never had a fish taco? In fact I didn't know they existed...I always thought the phrase was just a euphemism used by dudes for...ya know. A certain part of the female anatomy.
I must try this recipe! I love tilapia

Delainie said...

The Millpond recipe sounds an awful lot like my small town recipe :) Those will always be my favorite!

Wide Lawns said...

When I was 23 I never even heard of a fish taco. They are a recent addition to my diet, thanks to my husband. They are really popular and well known in Southern California and I've noticed they're catching on here in Florida just recently, but I don't think I've seen them anywhere else. So no, you're not weird, but try them! They're light and summery and a much healthier alternative to my favorite Gringo Tacos.

Erica said...

This looks awesome! I think I'll have to try these soon - I'm always looking for good fish recipes since I live near the coast now. I actually had fish tacos for the first time at the Cheesecake Factory in Boston last summer and was really pleasantly surprised. I bet this marinade would work well with grilled shrimp too. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Not only have I never heard of a fish taco, but I had to google half the ingredients. Tilapia? Might find haddock on a *good* day.

Here's an old fashioned Canadian recipe for you (and, yes, I did see this offered in a quaint little cafe in Rocky Harbour). Fish and Brewis. Sure to find its way into your 'awful recipe collection' ;-)


A said...

Ok, I know they're not grilled, but this one's our favorite...just go light on the batter and it's not too bad for you. The sauce is very light and refreshing too. I've made it grilled as well (didn't have time to do the batter and frying) with a little Old Bay and lime juice and they were tasty as well.

Eric said...

I completely get the gringo tacos lust.

Kirsten B NYC said...

I grew up in Central California, and spent 13 years in LA and San Diego, so I can tell you how much I love authentic tacos: ceviche, potato, fish, carne asada, al pastor, carnitas. But I have to say that every once in a while I really do love what we call white trash tacos. No offense. I come from a long line of white trash...

Melanie said...

Thanks for the recipe!!! It looks really good.

I just love your blog. Everything you write about is at least interesting, often funny, and sometimes completely fascinating!

Appreciate you SO much.

Nicole said...

Fish tacos are definitely awesome. I've never made them myself but I've gotten them at various places around the Philadelphia area.

I also share your love of gringo tacos. As terrible as they are for you, they are still delicious.

Milesly Rose said...

No. No fish tacos for me. Though I do know all about them.

Anyway! I was looking for recipes on the internet again, like a fool, and I ran across and HORRIFIC recipe for "asparagus souffle". It inspired me so much I started a tumblr about it. In the first actual post, I linked to you and reposted the "Under the Sea Salad" recipe you posted. Just thought I'd let you know.

morrigoon said...

Huge fan of fish tacos. Rubio's is probably my favorite, although I just recently discovered how awesome Chronic Tacos is - and they offered grilled or fried fish. Next time you're in OC, try them out. (I know most people claim Wahoo's is the best, but it's not my thing, for some reason)

Not fish, so much, but for just generally awesome tacos, try Taco Mesa/Taco Rosa (Mesa is takeout, Rosa is the sit-down location). There's one in Costa Mesa, and one in Mission Viejo. I believe Taco Rosa is at the Tustin Marketplace.

And yeah, it does still appear to be pretty much a SoCal thing, though I'm glad to see it's spreading. It was years before I had the courage to try them, but I simply love 'em!

kerry said...

I share your love of Gringo tacos! I was raised on those; it was the only thing we knew as tacos.

Of course, now I know better, and I agree with you that fish tacos are fantastic.

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