Friday, June 04, 2010

A Development in the Broken Dock Light Scandal

Well it appears that there may be more to the story of Lupo Lama's broken dock light than it originally appeared. Last weekend, at our fundraiser, it was assumed that the SS Golden Shower somehow broke our next door neighbor's dock light as it pulled in or out. My parents were just going to apologize profusely and then pay for whatever repairs were needed.

Turns out that perhaps the Golden Shower isn't to blame after all. It could be a case of vandalism. Dunh Dunh Dunnnn.

And who would the vandal in question be? Vinny Succatella.

Vinny Succatella and Lupo Lama have had some friction in the past. It seems that last summer, Vinny met Lupo Lama while he was visiting my parents (probably with 25 other people and totally unannounced) and saw some fresh prey - a rich, crazy old man with a house decorated after Caesar's Palace and a taxidermied lion. Vinny suckered Lupo into a scammy stock deal by wining and dining him. When the deal ended (badly I am just assuming) Vinny pretended like he didn't know Lupo anymore.

During their initial honeymoon period though, Lupo rented an apartment for his daughter that Vinny owned. So Vinny ended up being Lupo's daughter's landlord. Last month though, Lupo's daughter decided that she no longer wanted to live there and in fact, wanted to up and move to Italy, which she did quite abruptly. So she broke her lease, which was in her father's name and also paid for by her father. 

Vinny suddenly reappeared demanding his remaining rent. Lupo refused to pay. An argument ensued. Turns out there was never a signed or written contract. Vinny was livid. Lupo feels the score is now even. They have managed to now rip one another off.

So last weekend, word is that Vinny went missing briefly during the party. Lupo Lama, though invited to the party, never showed up and shut himself with all of the metal hurricane shutters barring every door and window. Somehow, after Vinny went missing from the party for a little while, Lupo Lama's patio furniture ended up in his pool (we didn't know about this until the other day) and the dock light got broken.

It was Vinny who told everyone that he saw the Golden Shower hit the dock light. Very fishy. Now Lupo Lama has declared war on Vinny Succatella.  I can't wait to see how this ends up with these two fools.  Don't you just love some good, trashy South Florida petty feuding?


JDogg said...

I saw the pictures of the Golden Shower coming to dock and there were enough people around to see it, so it would have been a surprise if a light got hit and nobody saw it.

Love to see the 'rest of the story'.

Anonymous said...

*Rubs hands together* ... OOOoooOOOO ... I can't wait to see how this turns out.


Anonymous said...

I'm with Maureen,

This should be great.


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