Friday, May 14, 2010

Signature Look of the 80s #1 - The Purple Dress

A few weeks ago I got into an elaborate discussion with my friend regarding some of our fashion choices from high school back in the late 80s. Hilarity ensued as we remembered some of the more ridiculous attire we coveted, begged our parents to buy us and then proudly wore. I looked in vain through the few old pictures I have, and couldn't find any photographic evidence of some of my better outfits. Unfortunately, we just weren't really big on picture taking back then. It's such a shame. So, I got out my sketch pad and just drew some of my old outfits. Lord knows I remember every detail of them. Once they were done, I scanned them in for your viewing pleasure.

The first outfit was the uniform I wore, without fail, once a week in ninth grade. Sometimes I wore it on the weekends too. I loved it that much. Yes people, I loved a shapeless, drop-waisted, puffed sleeved, crayola marker purple dress with a 3 tiered ruffled skirt. Come on! It was from the Limited Express!! It was rayon!! This dress was bad, but the way I accessorized it made everything worse. In 7th grade, when my feet stopped growing, my mother had purchased for me, at Bradlees, a pair of plain black, pointy-toed lace up shoes which I proceeded to wear for at least the next ten years. I wore them with the purple dress and with big, scrunched down socks. If it was cold out, I wore thick white tights. This dress was purchased during my scarf phase, so naturally I had to tie a gigantic, white, chiffon bow on the side of my head. I had several chiffon scarves of the sort that old ladies wear to cover their heavily sprayed coifs. I bought these scarves at Woolworths and they were all under a dollar apiece, so I thought I had really scored myself a deal. I wore one in my hair every day. Sometimes before school, I'd have to tie and retie the bow to get it just so on the side of my head. The bow couldn't be on top. It had to be on the side to properly highlight my spiral perm.


Handy Man, Crafty Woman said...

awesome!! can't wait to see more!

jmm said...

I think I had the same dress from limited express, but mine was a floral print. Pink flowers & green leaves pattern on a black background. I can remember certain outfits from childhood.

Erica said...

This is a great fricken post!

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